Dear People, dear Brothers in Christ and HQ Warriors of Light, this ultimate release I introduce has been long prepared and developed with extreme care, since it fulfills the Christ's Wish to the on-key format of His 9 LETTERS.


The 9 LETTERS' lay­out struc­ture a­vail­a­ble through this web­site of es­o­ter­ic im­print, meets the Mas­ter's fi­nal di­rec­tives which were ap­plied in years of long stages, here sum­ma­rized brief­ly.
  1. First (a.d. 2013): gold­en and spe­cial fonts were se­lected (some­times re­built) to en­hance the var­i­ous pass­es of text as sug­gested in the sixth LET­TER,
    All pages were ed­it­ed re­flowing them in­side a Gold­en Ra­tio frame of width:391pt, height:632pt – Tab­let size o­ri­en­ted, no in­terrnal scroll, as for the PDF fixed for­mat – where­in the text pro­gress was re­formatted in or­der to fa­cil­i­tate the as­sim­i­la­tion and med­i­ta­tion of con­tents.
  2. Last (a.d. 2018): the par­a­graphs are num­bered in a nest­ed ordered list start­ing from the num­ber of each LET­TER; thus eve­ry ex­ter­nal men­tion must ad­dress to the whole struc­ture of the par­a­graph, or phrase or con­cept.
  3. De­spite the PDF wide­ly a­dopt­ed as a stan­dard, this fi­nal phase point­ed out the need for a ba­sic source, to draw from quick­ly and di­rect­ly for any oth­er ver­sion, i.e. ad­ap­ta­tion to new de­vices or trans­la­tion.
    At present it's easy to re­al­ize how HTML is the piv­ot a­round which eve­ry oth­er tool of e­lec­tron­ic com­mu­ni­ca­tion ro­tates, be­ing the now nat­u­ral me­di­um of any hard­ware and soft­ware sys­tem.
    There­fore a Web mir­ror of the al­ready ad­vanced 9 LET­TERS' re­lease was fi­nal­ly pre­pared in HTML, com­pact, quick to load and browse, worth to be­come es­sen­tial for any fur­ther dif­fu­sion.
    The HTML pages should be well dis­played in re­spon­sive mode by most de­vices; see be­low the spe­cial so­lu­tions a­dopt­ed to scroll the text and han­dle some view­ing op­tions and for­mats.
  4. Last to ex­plain but not least, or to say it bet­ter, the deepest back­ing to the whole web­site to Christ, The Holy Eye Of Rev­e­la­tion Yard, or Yantra as is by the o­ri­en­tal tra­di­tion the so called Sri Chak­ra man­da­la. In fact, this u­ni­ver­sal sym­bol of cre­a­tion does not be­long to any re­li­gion or be­lief, and was not brought into ex­ist­ence on the earth.
    Sriyantra from space in Or­e­gon

    Just search "Oregon Sri yantra" to watch an a­maz­ing trac­ing of the same from space: the un­ex­plained di­a­gram scraped in a dry lake bed there, with over a quar­ter of mile in length and con­sisted of 13,3 mi­les of lines en­graved into the im­pact­ed mud 3”-10” deep.

    With the THEORY ac­ro­nym I, the au­thor, stud­ied and pre­pared it to its per­fect form - for the 1st time in the known his­to­ry of our plan­et - through the web­site, where­in all pre­vi­ous math at­tempts at a deep a­nal­y­sis re­sulted, and are dem­on­strat­ed, ge­o­met­ri­cal­ly wrong (or the vaunt­ed draw­ing meth­ods er­ro­ne­ous).
    It was so much ex­cit­ing in its for­mal awe­some beau­ty to prove, at pre­sent, to have been a pre­lim­i­nary step to­wards this re­make of the 9 LET­TERS.

    This 9 triangles' per­fect­ly dy­nam­ic struc­ture – that no man could trace ex­act­ly un­til yes­ter­day; and even to­day with­out the aid of a re­fined al­go­rithm of un­lim­it­ed ac­cu­ra­cy (a­vail­a­ble free on site) – as the im­ma­nent ex­pres­sion as well as planned re­cep­ta­cle of the Mys­tic Rose of the High­er Ce­les­ti­al En­tities, could i­de­al­ly re­pres­ent the Christ's Way! far bet­ter to con­tem­plate than any hu­man, e­mo­tion­al fig­ure of Je­sus with­/with­out the con­tour of clouds…
    Know that this Em­blem must ex­ist and be vis­i­ble and dis­trib­ut­ed in a per­fect form on our planet.
    He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

«The #Path to #Christ #Consciousness is out­lined in these #LETTERS»

— laVITAlaVERITÀlaVIA (@RitornaCristo) 1 aprile 2017

Wel­come to this min­i­mal out­line, help­ful to navigate and dis­cov­er the

Since the text from the PDF for­mat in the Vers. 3.05.EN - 2016 was not en­tire­ly or con­ven­ient­ly ex­tract­i­ble for SEO, due to some spe­cial lay­out's ref­er­ences (or ed­i­tor's un­fore­seen bug…), an ad­vanced cus­tom search sys­tem was pro­vid­ed, to help you seek any ex­pres­sions, con­cepts, sen­tences dis­pensed there­in.

At that stage of re­new­al eve­ry sin­gle page of the ebook was put on line, to be quick­ly opened via the search re­sults in the na­tive PDF for­mat; if not in the flip­ping 3D mode, when al­lowed by dis­plays big­ger than mo­bi­le.
Both can be downloaded - each page (saved), the pdf full ebook (30[.pdf]-|26+[.zip]Mb) as well as the complete flipping book (23Mb); the in­stallable ebook App for MacOS is a­vail­a­ble; feel free to ask the app for iPad, iPhone, iPadmini (get the zip mail click­ing the icon to the bot­tom down­load page). Al­though these could not be con­ven­ient­ly test­ed, I should pro­vide them [free] by the Flip book tool. To al­low the es­sen­tial search off line, an own ba­sic func­tion­al­i­ty was en­a­bled into the flip­ping in­stru­ment.

As in the best PDF han­dlers, book­marks and an­no­ta­tions, high­lights and graph­ic can be man­aged through­out the pag­es of the flip ver­sion.

Gen­er­al­ly, when the suit­a­ble screen size was de­tected, you were prompt­ed to view the LET­TERS in this fun­ny, el­e­gant, well read­a­ble mode.
The pag­es of this site should be vis­i­ble with most de­vices and brows­ers; how­ev­er, if not ex­act­ly, it is worth be­ing pa­tient and try some oth­er tool. Tru­ly - as long as each one keeps its own rules - it's im­pos­si­ble to pre­dict all their be­hav­iors, right now and from now on.

Since our main menu can ro­tate the frame view to land­scape or por­trait - in­de­pend­ent­ly from the viewport of your de­vice - by de­fault any page clicked in the menu was opened in PDF mode for por­trait, or by the Flash or HTML5 flip-book when in land­scape.
Now, the de­fault LET­TERS menu as­so­ci­at­ed to the land­scape view search page, o­pens the se­lected PDF page (that can be e­ven­ly han­dled out­side the brows­er) whilst the same for por­trait view o­pens the HTML page in the reg­u­lar for­mat.

While PDF is more flex­i­ble on all screens, from the ex­treme zoom mode even to re­flow the text (with ad­vanced tools), and suit­a­ble to the best print­out (as the most close to the ed­it­ing en­hance­ments), by flip­ping the pag­es you can reach a con­sist­ent per­cep­tion, al­most a kind of ‘sens­ing’ of what was de­livered to you from the high­est “ab­stract” of Light, rendered here­af­ter. I know… the con­tent is what mat­ters; but some­times words are like sounds to be played, or re­presented at their best, as on a mu­si­cal score, since this may help fo­cus­ing our re­cep­tiveness and un­der­stand­ing.

The ul­ti­mate re­lease!

If the a­bove de­scrip­tions up­date a bit the for­mer sta­tus of the o­rig­i­nal 9 LET­TERS on line + the In­tro­duc­tion by Christ him­self, the news e­vent 2018 brings in the fi­nal pub­lish­ing of those 333 op­ti­mized pag­es in the plain Web for­mat, i.e. HTML, ac­ces­si­ble by the four sides of its ac­ro­nym ;)
The page lay­out framed in the Gold­en Ra­tio por­trait rec­tan­gle with its head­er and foot­er re­mains fixed a­like in the oth­er for­mats.

There­fore, when­ev­er a page URL is reached by an ex­ter­nal link, like Twit­ter tweets, a tri­ple read­ing op­tion is sub­mit­ted to the user: PDF, Fast text, Flip­ping book.

The web­site was planned to be re­spon­sive to small­er de­vices, so that the HTML pag­es can auto-re­size their con­tain­er down to 308px width, let­ting the text be scrolled only ver­ti­cal­ly. All the LET­TERS' pag­es are de­limited e­nough to al­low hid­ing the ver­ti­cal scrollbar - which would re­duce the use­ful space in un­like brows­ers' modes, forc­ing the un­pleas­ant hor­i­zon­tal bar - and re­plac­ing these with two al­ter­nate ar­rows to switch half page down or up; that is suf­fi­cient to their com­plete view­ing.
– trans­par­ent big Down Ar­row –
The first to bot­tom ap­pears [trans­par­ent white] cen­tered to the page foot­er; once clicked it is hid­den, leav­ing place to a slim long ar­row on the left mar­gin, which brings you back to the top of page.







– I­cons & Op­tions –
The hor­i­zon­tal scroll is nev­er need­ed for the text; for a very few pag­es hold­ing spe­cial ta­bles that can­not be crunched for the cor­rect watch­ing, two ar­rows ap­pear: left (pink) and right(light sky blue, see the im­age), slid­ing three po­si­tions [left-cen­ter-right] of the ta­ble view.
Note that this func­tions may not work fine with all mo­bi­le-brows­ers, which ver­sions some­times look like mo­bi­le sand;  (bet­ter if the con­tent ex­ceed­es e­nough the viewport). How­ev­er the page can be scrolled and re­sized by tou­ch there.

Eve­ry page is en­dowed with 7 nav­i­ga­tion op­tions.
First, on the cor­ners 4 but­tons for scroll:
one page up half page up
half page down  one page down
For who likes to deep­en, these are not just i­cons. View

The half pag­es com­mands are pro­vid­ed to view two pag­es at a time, i.e. the con­tin­ued text from the pre­vi­ous or to the next page in­side the same frame; each page can be scrolled in all the a­bove modes, and can ac­cess to oth­ers with­in its area, which can be split the same way, in or­der to gath­er and com­pare some se­lected pas­sages in the flow of sur­round­ing text. There­fore to re­turn to the sin­gle framed page, click the de­sired page num­ber on the side menu; or use the Back com­mand of the brows­er. The Rose icon be­low can al­ways re-open the full in­de­pend­ent page, with­out any Let­ters-pag­es list.

Their i­cons are in gold col­or when ac­tive; sil­ver when not ac­tive as the same par­a­graph­/text can­not ex­tend a­cross from one page to the oth­er, e.g. in the last-to-first page of a new Let­ter.
Brows­ing each page will au­to­mat­i­cal­ly load the menu for the Let­ter pag­es' num­bers (PDF or HTML), to ac­cess any of them or change the LET­TER in view.

Update 2019

Do you like the special content of any particular page? the Rose icon to the bot­tom-cen­ter encourages sharing it via a wide range of channels, Whats­App, SMS, Email, all kinds of social media: 108 so far!

The lower caption to the left of the Rose – 'Letter #' or 'Foreword' – when clicked al­lows to brow­se these -fast- pag­es with­out even be­ing em­bed­ded in the site back­ground and scroll­ing menu; where­at the 4 cor­ner but­tons re­main the way to read all pag­es in their nat­u­ral se­quence, one or two-ver­ti­cal­ly at a time.
This function gives choice to pass to PDF for­mat – or in this case to the plain Page flow – or a­gain to the 3D Flip­ping book.

The sixth op­tion, if still need­ed, is giv­en by the Page Num­ber to the foot­er: it o­pens a bit­map im­age of that page as it was o­rig­i­nal­ly, and as it should be cor­rect­ly viewed by the brows­er or in any oth­er for­mat; ra­ther than rec­om­mend­ing any, this re­mains a fur­ther check if some­thing in the page was al­tered.
Be­hind this se­cu­ri­ty tool there is an­oth­er, ap­plied to all the e­di­tions, re­presented by the small book icon vis­i­ble in cer­tain pag­es of the LET­TERS.
As it can be read on all pag­es n. 12:
"The i­cons to the right bear the page num­ber of the cor­re­spond­ing text in ­the original ver­sion of each Let­ter".
These LET­TERS are a­vail­a­ble on site as eve­ry­where and their CRC cal­cu­la­tions and Dis­till Dates are detailed at our download section.

Fi­nal­ly, even if on the top of each page, the white book icon. On the back­ground of such a pow­er­ful in­spi­ra­tion­al fine mod­el, the text pag­es are in­ten­tion­al­ly left trans­par­ent in some viewports. To re­verse to a white back­ground, click that icon; re­load­ing the page will re­set, so, if you plan to read more pag­es, use the Rose icon to nav­i­gate seam­less­ly.

Al­though eve­ry care is de­vot­ed to these pre­cious doc­uments, their op­ti­mal pe­rus­al should be made on a dis­play large e­nough not to com­pro­mise the for­mat.
There are so many de­vices, and brows­ers with their dif­fer­ent rules at eve­ry re­lease, and so many ways to re­size (and re­cal­cu­late) their win­dows that is im­pos­si­ble to sat­is­fy them all.
Should a por­tion of page be no more vis­i­ble, please be pa­tient, try an­oth­er size or zoom fac­tor to solve the issue; some­times it's e­nough to reload.

En­joy the Christ Truth!

Try searching on with your keyword what Christ is teaching about…
"Rosetta Stone, an­cient Egyp­tian stone bear­ing in­scrip­tions in sev­er­al lan­guages and scripts; their de­ci­pher­ment led to the un­der­stand­ing of hi­er­o­glyph­ic writ­ing.
The in­scrip­tions, ap­par­ent­ly com­posed by the priests of Mem­phis, sum­ma­rize ben­e­fac­tions con­ferred by Ptol­e­my V Epiphanes (205-180 bce) and were writ­ten in the ninth year of his reign in com­mem­o­ra­tion of his ac­ces­sion to the throne.
Inscribed in two lan­guages, Egyp­tian and Greek, and three writ­ing sys­tems, hi­er­o­glyph­ics, de­mot­ic script (a cur­sive form of E­gyp­tian hi­er­o­glyph­ics), and the Gre­ek al­pha­bet, it pro­vid­ed a key to the trans­la­tion of Egyp­tian hi­er­o­glyph­ic writ­ing."