The Birth of the ‘MOMENT’

I have had to de­scend from my pre­sent STATE OF CON­SCIOUS­NESS of U­NI­VER­SAL LOVE, in or­der to ex­pe­ri­ence a­gain my life on earth which re­mains in­del­i­bly im­printed with­in the con­scious­ness en­er­gy of the world it­self,…to the time of its creation.- #Christ

The Greatest Promise

«You will emerge from the coming conflict, strong and purposeful and will proceed to build another type of world consciousness. You will introduce the beginning of spiritual and technical and economic progress and world peace for centuries to come»

LOVE, as threshold
of the Awareness

«Beyond any con­cep­tion of Cha­os­/Big Bang, LOVE is a fun­da­men­tal car­ri­er and un­quench­a­ble of Cre­a­tion:«the na­ture of life force is un­con­di­tion­al love and ser­vice, work and har­mo­ny giv­ing what­ev­er is nec­es­sary for the ful­fil­ment of the needs of another»

Lightning to enlighten
the Human kind

It is vital to the suc­cess of the dis­tri­bu­tion of my CHRIST MES­SAGE that peo­ple should ful­ly un­der­stand the true na­ture of re­li­gions which held hu­man­i­ty in their grip un­til the twen­ti­eth cen­tu­ry. [Christ's Letter 9, p. 312 - Dictation year 2007]

If you are sufficiently spiritually evolved to follow me there L#5,175

«What I am telling you is un­like an­y­thing you have yet heard from any proph­et at any time.» CHRIST's LETTER #3, p.103/333 - A.D.2001

…the lightning has struck world-wide in such a form as to reach those…

I prophesied, when on earth, that the time would come when I would re­turn as “light­ning flash­es from east to west a­cross the sky”. This was a graph­ic de­scrip­tion of the way in which I am pres­ent­ly working.

Before you begin to study, meditate and absorb
the following pages…

Indeed, I have made nu­mer­ous ef­forts to de­scribe the im­men­si­ty of the Pow­er out of which all things have come but as I have said, it is im­pos­si­ble for me to de­scribe in hu­man terms the REAL­I­TY of the SOURCE of your BEING.

Christ as full Power and absolute LOVE wants
to aid YOU here and now!

Who feels ready to be sup­ported per­son­al­ly, get His 9 LET­TERS to be in tou­ch be­yond eve­ry manmade re­li­gion. Time is ripe; if thou aim a re­newed world, don't wait an­y­thing else, Christ can­not re­in­car­nate. So just not words but ef­fec­tive presence!

Jesus' Life and Death –
what thereafter? “give up… remembering my death”

On GoodFridays, year af­ter year down the cen­tu­ries, you've cre­at­ed a con­tam­i­nat­ed trau­mat­ic con­scious­ness state of be­ing through­out the world as far re­moved from the spir­i­tu­al di­men­sion of U­NI­VER­SAL CRE­A­TIVE CON­SCIOUS­NESS as hell is re­moved from heaven

Cogito ergo sum

«Scientists thought they could ex­plain away the or­i­gins of cre­a­tion and as­cribe them to ac­ci­dent. As a di­rect re­sult, peo­ple ditched mo­ral­i­ty and be­gan to give way utterly to self-will.»

4.13 Now, at the Eleventh Hour, when fear has de­scended on the masses…

The ‘end of the world’ will nev­er make any sense; but a deep clean sweep will in­es­cap­a­bly have to take place... that's the show­down. Whose side would you be on, in lack of the ac­tu­al LETTERS of Christ ?

The Twit­ter MO­MENTS gath­er some tweets rel­e­vant to their ti­tles, no mat­ter how they can con­cat­e­nate be­tween each other