CHRIST Returns Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 99
3.25.2 Therefore it is not possible to continue to believe in Christian dogma
and also try to follow these Letters because dogma,
relating to ‘salvation by my death on the cross’, the Trinity,
physical resurrection from the dead, and use of incense
and set forms of prayer, are fallacious
and the facts now presented to you in these Letters are Truth.
3.26 The dogma and the sacramental trimmings are, what you would term
red herrings, to gain your attention and allegiance
but obscuring the Truth of my teachings.
3.26.1 Therefore, these Letters had to be written.

3.27 The only way I could reach the world at this present time
when it is poised to enter a new mind/emotional dispensation,
was by using a receptive, obedient and deprogrammed mind
to receive the instruction and do the manual work for me.
3.28 These Letters offer the only true means by which people
will find the path to the spiritual dimension in which
all human error fades away and only love remains.
3.28.1 Anything else which may be said is purely human rationalisation
and reason – and these are not TRUTH.
3.29 People are seeking new ways to resolve old problems,
particularly in America, but until they understand the true nature of LIFE,
the ego, and the Laws of Existence, the Ay will but strengthen
the pull of the ego and their pain will continue.
3.30 Remember, as I record for you in the following pages,
the simple Truth I spoke two millennia ago,
this Truth remains constant and consistent.
3.30.1 Therefore, it is only possible to deepen
your understanding of Truth, not to alter it.
3.31 Have you realised as you have read the first two Letters,
that all I spoke to the people of Palestine
was a direct outcome of my having perceived
the reality of existence in the desert – that nothing was solid?
3.32 Have you remembered that, in my transcendent state,
as I looked at the rocks, sand, mountains, water below me
in the Dead Sea, all appeared to be as a shimmer of motes?
3.33 Rock, sand, mountains, water were differentiated one from the other,
only by the difference in the intensity of the shimmer of motes
and by the apparent density of motes within the shimmer.