CHRIST Returns Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 98
3.21 I see the limitations in their daily living, the lack of fulfilment
of their needs and purposes, and the suffering emanating
from relationships of every kind.

3.21 The collective consciousness emanating from the world is a miasma
of fears, resentment, angers, emotional turbulence of passionate desires,
revenge and exhaustion, inter-threaded with compassion,
determination to uplift world consciousness, dedication
to the search for unconditional love by those
who have received inspiration and a degree of enlightenment.

3.22 I come close to people who call on me and work with them
to relieve their distress, but their mindset and beliefs
are so strongly imprinted in their brains, that my Truth
cannot reach through and bring new knowledge to their minds.
3.22.1 Many people have heard, albeit briefly and imperfectly,
but have lacked the courage to accept new ideas and speak out.
3.22.2 Furthermore the time has not been right to reach
through barriers of human consciousness to teach you.
3.23 But now the time is right. You have moved into a new
dispensation of vibrational frequencies
which will enable you to more easily rise
from the materiality of the previous age.
3.23.1 This may sound a strange statement, but there is a universal store
of knowledge regarding energies you do not begin to understand.
3.23.2 At this time, there is no earthly mind capable of understanding.
3.23.3 It is only possible for you to imagine the spectrum of energy,
which is not truth.

3.23.4 It will help you, therefore, if you can accept my statements,
taking them on trust, because they are true.
3.24 You are moving into new frequencies of vibration pertaining
to human consciousness which will enable you to move forward
into the spiritual-mental development I described in Letter 1.