CHRIST Returns Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 97
3.12 At the same time, as you grow in awareness
of the true NATURE of the Father
within you and transcending you, and all around you,
you will come to have undeviating faith that, in every circumstance,
you can draw upon the inspiration, power,
and upliftment directly from the Father within and around you.

3.13 You will come to KNOW it is really the Father which supports
and guides you into the Kingdom of Father_Love Consciousness.

3.14 It will become abundantly clear to you that whilst the Father is universal,
It is also individual for you.
3.14.1 It knows you, is aware of your thinking and your problems.
3.15 Within the Father_Love Consciousness are the perfect solutions
awaiting your recognition.
3.15.1 When you recognise them, you will be released from pain
when you become pliable and willing to listen.

3.16 Until you are willing to listen, you will never be filled
with the Father_Love Consciousness.

3.17 I will tell you a parable.
3.17.1 Imagine a child screaming and kicking because he wants ice cream.
3.17.2 All the time, he is making this noise, his father is waiting patiently
at the door of his room to show him that he has brought him ice cream and fruit.
3.17.3 You may think this parable is improbable, nonetheless it is true.
3.17.4 Mothers will remember times when children have been inconsolable
over something, refusing to listen to what mother is trying so hard to tell them,
and yet mother has the solution waiting for them
the moment they stop making a noise and dry their tears.

3.18 I can see the travail of people and their crying
and weeping and my compassion is boundless.
3.18.1 You are heard but within the context of your present
consciousness, there is little I can do for you.
3.18.2 I cannot penetrate the thongs and chains
of your years of ignorant thinking and acting.

3.19 I see the pain perpetuated in the churches,
in services and pulpits by ignorant sermons.
3.20 I see nations and their people trying so hard to grapple
with the difficulties arising from their traditional values,
cultures, and religious beliefs.