CHRIST Returns Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 96
3.4 No other salvation is possible. God cannot save you,
since, in ignorance of the facts of existence, mankind will continue
to make the same earthbound mistakes till the end of time,
thus creating his own sickness and misery.
3.5 Furthermore, no matter what a man’s belief may be in regard
to salvation from sins, this is a human fallacy,
since the Law of Cause and Effect is imponderable
and an intrinsic – inherent – natural characteristic of existence.

3.6 You cannot divorce effects from causation,
nor can you erase causation and still have effects.
3.7 In every level of Being this is Truth.
3.8 You may now be sufficiently advanced in your thinking
to be able to receive the following fundamental truth
concerning your earthly existence.
3.9 The Law of Cause and Effect, Reaping and Sowing is the visible effect
of what you call electromagnetism,
and no one who has any knowledge of science
would expect God to set aside the laws of electromagnetism,
which are those of activity_bonding~rejection.
3.10 ‘Activity_Bonding~Rejection’ or ‘Movement_Attraction~Repulsion’
are the fundamental IMPULSES of EXISTENCE
and of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS itself, which have brought
about your visible forms in life, and are the only instruments
or tools of creation. They are responsible for the
formation of substance or matter and also
for the development of individualised forms and finally
of personality itself in all living entities.
3.11 Since these Laws are fundamental to your individualised existence,
it is impossible to set them aside.
3.11.1 Therefore, you cannot ignore the problems inherent in your
individualised existence and believe that God will save you from them.
3.11.2 Your only hope of final escape, of stepping off
the treadmill of human experience, is to recognise
and acknowledge them and then work minute-by-minute to transcend
them and eventually merge, in purity of mind, heart and action,
and become ONE with Universal Love Consciousness
– the Father which does the LOVE WORK.