CHRIST Returns
Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 95

Letter 3

3.1 My BOUNDLESS CELESTIAL LOVE impels me to return again and again to write to mankind, with the intention that finally – as many of you who are ready to receive it – will possess the knowledge which will enable you to tran­scend your humanhood and merge into Father_Con­sciousness, the true Love Consciousness in which are re­alised all things bountiful and beautiful. section sectorial
3.2 As I have said previously and want to repeat,
my entire mission on earth was prompted by LOVE
and was directed ONLY at teaching the Truth of Existence,
for without this knowledge, there is no hope of redemption
from the travail which mankind is born to endure.
3.2.1 I know this statement will bring much grief to sincere
and dedicated followers of the Christian religion,
and those who have centred their entire faith on the person of ‘Jesus’.

3.3 But I tell you truly; to succeed in ridding yourselves
of the humanhood which holds you back
from the full realisation of UNIVERSAL TRUTH,
and the understanding of the true nature
of the spiritual-human condition I termed the Kingdom of GOD,
you must turn away from the old dogmas
of salvation by the blood of the lamb,
the Trinity, and other beliefs,
and come with perfectly open receptive minds