CHRIST Returns Jesus Teaching the Crowd
Letter 2 rosepage 93
2.295 Father_Love is the source of all health, therefore all thoughts
and feelings contrary to Father_Love bring sickness.

2.296 Just as all your evils and sickness begin in the mind
so does your good.

Have as much care for your neighbour
as you have for yourself.

2.298 Bless your neighbour when you have an argument,
pray for him when he is harsh with you,
help him out in any way you can at all times,
even if he turns his face from you,
because then you are constructing good in your mind and thoughts,
and good will be the harvest of your sowing.

2.299 Not only this – you are bringing your mind into harmony
and attunement with the Father within you,
which is
Perfect Love

2.300 Under these conditions, the Father can do
Its perfect LOVE WORK in you.

2.301 When I had finished speaking, the people brought their sick to me
and according to their faith
were they healed.

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