CHRIST Returns Jesus Teaching the Crowd
Letter 2 rosepage 92
2.286 “The Father always pours Its gift out upon you,
gifts of food in plenty, clothes, house, friends,
providing you yourself have a clean heart and mind,
and providing you constantly rely on the Father as your moment-by-moment support.
2.287 If you pray and do not receive, do not, for one moment, think it is
because there is no Father, or the Father does not listen to you,
rather, you must ask yourselves what is in you that is preventing
the Father LOVE WORK being done in and for you.
2.288 If you go to the altar to pray or offer a gift, and on the way
there you remember that you have quarrelled with someone,
turn around and go to that person and make your peace with him.
2.289 Then, when you approach the Father in prayer,
you will have a clean and pure mind
and you will be heard by the Father
and the Father will be able to respond,
giving you all you need, in the peace and quietness of your being.
2.290 If you still cannot believe that the Father cares for its creation,
look about you at the radiant flowers in the fields, how beautiful they are!
2.290.1 Consider the brilliant thought which has gone into their design, their beauty!
2.290.2 Where will you find the colours that you see in their petals?
With all his wisdom, Solomon himself was not able to have
such beautiful clothes made for himself.
2.290.3 See the way the flowers attract the bees and the bees help to bring
next seasons’ seeds, to make your world beautiful and to give you food.
2.291 Why can you not believe and trust in the Father
when the world around you is planned,
designed and cared for in such a wonderful way?
2.292 But remember – these living plants and trees, unlike mankind,
cannot complain about their lot, and see themselves as hungry and naked,
and so they do not ‘undo’ the work the Father does in them.

2.293 It is you with your continual complaining and talking about what you lack,
your aggression towards each other, your insistence on retribution,
your criticism and slandering, which makes your lack
– and your sickness – consistent, day after day.
2.294 I have told you all these things to prepare you, who are sick, for healing.
2.294.1 You cannot be healed unless you believe with all your hearts
that healing will take place.