CHRIST Returns Jesus Teaching the Crowd
Letter 2 rosepage 91
2.279 A man commented: This is against man’s nature. It is natural
to be anxious about the future. Clothes are expensive,
food is not easily come by. Life is a constant struggle.

2.279.1 I answered him in a loud voice because he was only saying
what I knew most of my listeners were thinking.

2.279.2 “But you do not know for sure that tomorrow you will be struggling to live.
2.279.3 You do not know that tomorrow you won’t have a splendid job,
or any other wonderful thing come your way.
2.279.4 You do not know this – but you are making very sure for yourself
that there will not be a marvellous job, or some other wonderful opportunity
in your life – because you are creating the circumstances of your tomorrows.”
2.280 He was angry.I am? How am I doing that?
2.280.1 “Have I not just told you?”
2.280.2 I turned to the people laughing. “Tell me, how has this man, up front,
in the red cloak, created his tomorrows?”
2.280.3 The crowd was silent, then a very young man, Mark, shouted to me:
I know. He said he would be struggling to buy food and clothes.
You have told us that what we think and talk about is what we will get.

2.280.4 “Exactly”, I said. “You are a very clever boy. You have understood.
2.280.5 Take care that you do not create for yourself the things you do not want.
2.280.6 And I will be happy for you to become my disciple when you are older
and your parents will let you go.”

2.280.7 Some of the people laughed – but some did not.
I could see that they did not believe a word I was saying.

2.281 “You will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven by being anxious.
2.282 If you are having a hard time today, why moan about it?
2.282.1 Will it make you feel better if you go about complaining,
will your crying brighten your day?
2.282.2 And if you are anxious about your tomorrows, you are making your tomorrows
burdensome and weary even before you get to them. Why do it?
2.282.3 What good will it do for you? When did anxiety ever accomplish anything for you?
2.282.4 You might as well try to make yourself taller by being anxious that you are short.

2.283 No, do not dwell on the things you do not have.
2.284 Dwell on the things which can be yours if you turn to the Father
within you and ask in perfect faith, believing you will receive
2.284.1 – and I tell you without fear of contradiction, that you will receive.
2.284.2 But you must ask properly – believing.
2.285 You will receive nothing if you ask, but, at the same time, wonder whether you
have been heard or whether the Father will ‘feel’ like giving you what you want.
2.285.1 This is the human way of giving, but not the way of the Father
which gives abundantly and fulfills your needs.