CHRIST Returns Jesus Teaching the Crowd
Letter 2 rosepage 90
2.273.6 I laughed and said:
2.273.7 “Yes, my friend, – rejoicing! Firstly, because you had a coat and a cloak to give,
and then rejoicing because you realise that now you have
a lack of a coat and cloak yourself, your Father within you will shortly
return the coat and cloak to you in some surprising way.
2.274 If, however, you give him coat and cloak and then continue walking, grumbling to yourself – “Now why did I do that? I was foolish.
Now I will be cold instead of him, and people will laugh at me
because I have given my coat and cloak and left myself with nothing
– and what will my wife say when I get home?

2.274.1 The people were nodding and laughing, enjoying the picture of the man
who gives away coat and cloak and then remembers what an evil thing he has
done to himself. I knew that very often, they did deprive themselves to help others
– and then regretted their generosity afterwards. I waited a moment
and then shouted in a loud voice to get their full attention:
2.275.1 “But have I not told you that you REAP as you SOW?
2.275.2 Have I not told you clearly that your thoughts, words, actions
create your future circumstances?
2.275.3 So what do you want to SOW to REAP after you have given
your coat and cloak to the stranger?
2.275.4 Do you want your gifts restored to you – or do you want
to be without coat and cloak for a long, long time,
because that is what will happen to you if go on your way,
angry and upset because you gave away your coat and cloak.
2.275.5 Your words and actions will seal, make hard like rock, the poverty
you have brought upon yourself by giving away your coat and cloak.”

2.275.6 The people were no longer smiling and laughing,
they were very quiet and listening intently.
2.276 “Remember, first do to others what you would have them do to you,
then there will be peace and contentment in your minds and hearts
and the Father will be able to do Its LOVE WORK
within your bodies, minds and hearts.
2.276.1 Give and give abundantly, and rejoice that you have gifts
to give to those in need, because as you give so will your gifts
be restored to you in the way that you most need them.
2.276.2 Give with happy hearts, give in the faith and knowledge
that where there is lack in your lives,
so will the Father do Its LOVE WORK abundantly in you – and for you.
2.277 Do nothing with heavy heart because a heavy heart
is what you will continue to have.
2.278 Give everything with joyous spirit, that everything in your life
may bring to you only joy and spiritual insight.”