CHRIST Returns Jesus Teaching the Crowd
Letter 2 rosepage 89
2.270 Another man said:He will swear at him and tell him
to go elsewhere for help.
2.270.1 I said to the people:

“He has answered rightly. And how will he feel?”

2.270.2 I pointed to the man who had first spoken, smiling at him.
A woman shouted above the laughter:

He will tell everyone he meets what a selfish and miserable neighbour he has. Perhaps he will want to hurt him in some way”.
There were shouts of agreement and I nodded:

2.270.3 “Yes, he will have forgotten that he was once asked by his neighbour
to walk one or two miles with him and he refused.
2.270.4 He will not see the LAW of REAPING and SOWING at work in his life.
2.270.5 He set it in motion when he refused to go a mile with his neighbour
and now he is reaping of his attitudes and actions.
2.270.6 Of what use to be angry when he has created the situation all by himself?”
2.271 The people laughed and nodded and spoke to one another.
2.271.1 Never before had they heard such knowledge of human behaviour.
2.271.2 Here was an entirely new teaching.

2.272 I said to them:
2.272.1 “I advise you, when your neighbour comes to you asking you
to walk a mile with them or anything else that will make him
more at ease and happy, first think about what you would like
him to do for you if you also have a need?
2.272.2 How would you like him to respond to your request?”
2.272.3 A murmur swept through the crowd and I could see that
they understood what I was telling them.

2.272.4 “In fact, if your neighbour asks you to go one mile, do it with a happy,
easy agreement and be prepared to go on to do two miles if necessary.
2.272.5 When you refuse people, you do not realise it, but you tighten up
your minds and bodies ready to protect yourself from being forced
to do something you do not want to do.
2.272.6 You tighten up your minds and bodies and the Father is tightened up
also and cannot do Its LOVE WORK within you,
and out of this tightening comes sickness.

2.273 Again, you may meet someone sorely in need,
who is cold and unhappy. He may ask you for your coat.

2.273.1 Don’t pass him by, glaring at him.”
2.273.2 Some people laughed. They knew this was what they would do.

2.273.3 “No, give him your coat, and if he is really cold, give him your cloak also.
2.273.4 Go your way, rejoicing.”
2.273.5Rejoicing?” A disbelieving voice asked.