CHRIST Returns Jesus Teaching the Crowd
Letter 2 rosepage 88
2.262 Since it is human nature to hurt others, and you have been taught to retaliate,
your lives are a continual scene of warfare, warfare in the home amongst husbands,
wives, children, and neighbours, and public figures and between nations.
2.263 Your Father knows nothing of this warfare in your lives,
but knows the stress in your minds and bodies arising from this warfare, but can do nothing
– nothing to ease your pain – until you yourselves stop the warfare.

2.264 You yourselves must cease your fighting and live in peace with your family,
neighbours, employers, public figures and other countries.
2.264.1 Only then, can the Father_LOVE WORK take place
in your minds, hearts, bodies, and lives.
2.264.2 Only then will you be able to recognise and see the Love Work
being done in you – and for you by the Father.
2.265 Remember also the great LAW

2.266 You cannot pick figs from brambles, or grapes from thorn trees,
or harvest wheat from weeds.
2.266.1 Think about this and understand this parable
because it is very important to you – not only today –
but also throughout all your days and years to come, even into eternity.

2.267 So, if you want to change your lives – change your thoughts,
2.267.1 Change your words arising from those thoughts,
2.267.2 Change your actions arising from the thoughts.

2.268 What is in your minds will create all your experiences,
your sickness, poverty, unhappiness and despair.

2.269 A man shouted out to me:Tell us, Teacher, how do we remain peaceful with our neighbours when they, themselves, will give us no peace?
2.269.1 I said to him, smiling: “When your neighbour comes to you and says he has to travel some distance away and does not want to go alone and asks you to go with him - what do you do?” The man laughed:If my neighbour wanted to take me away
from what I was doing, I would not be pleased.
I would tell him to find some one else to go with him as I was busy.

2.269.2 “And how would your neighbour feel ?” I asked. The man shrugged,
I don't know”.
2.269.3 “And next time you needed him to do you a favour,
how will he respond to your asking?” The man was no longer laughing. He did not reply.