CHRIST Returns Jesus Teaching the Crowd
Letter 2 rosepage 87
2.250 What does this mean? It means that all the things he had previously
valued in his life – his richly furnished house, his valuables, his way of life,
plenty of food and drink, he gladly gave them all up
in order to possess the treasure beyond price
– the knowledge leading him into the Kingdom of GOD,
where happiness is a state of mind which cannot be touched
by the outer world with all its cares and worries.

2.251 The Kingdom of GOD is within you,
you enter the Kingdom of GOD when you realize fully
that the Father is active at all times within you.
It is a state of mind, of perception and understanding that
the Reality behind and within all things visible
is the Father and is beautiful and perfect and that
all the things which are contrary to beauty, harmony, health, abundance
are the creations of man’s wrong thinking.

2.252 How I have grieved over you who suffer, but you do not need to suffer
if you listen to what I have to tell you.
2.252.1 But I must warn you that the Path leading into the Kingdom of Heaven
is difficult to follow because it means that – first –
you have to deal with your ‘self’.

2.253 Why is it the self you have to deal with?
2.253.1 Because out of your desire to protect and promote
your own personal good come all your selfish thoughts,
words and actions.

2.254 You will probably ask “Why should I have to worry about these?
2.255 If what you say is true, that there is no punishment, that God sees not
our evil – then why should we be concerned about the way we behave?”

2.256 There is so much here to be learnt that I hardly know where to begin.
2.257 As I have explained you draw your LIFE from the Father, therefore,
you draw your capacity to think and love from the Father.
2.258 Even as Father_Intelligence is creative, so is your consciousness creative.
2.259 With your minds and hearts you actually form the plans
of your own lives and experiences.

2.260 And what kind of lives do you plan and form in your minds?
2.260.1 If someone annoys or hurts you, you retaliate in some way or another,
you believe that if your eye is taken, you must expect the adversary’s eye in return.
2.260.2 You believe that whoever kills should be killed
as punishment and compensation, you believe that whoever robs you
should pay the price, that whoever steals your wife,
should be stoned along with your wife.
2.261 You believe in the extraction of payment for every evil thing that comes your way.