CHRIST Returns Jesus Teaching the Crowd
Letter 2 rosepage 86
2.244 You can see the Father’s marvellous work.
2.244.1 Look around you at the growing things, the wheat, the grass, the flowers,
the trees and birds, and in every living thing, you will see the mysterious
and wonderful work of the Father ceaselessly active.
2.244.2 It is here that the Father is perfectly in control.
2.244.3 You can see that there is perfect law and order, growth, development,
and eventually the harvest to bless both man and beast and birds.
2.245 Consider the way that a man after tilling his fields,
will scatter seed over the earth and cover it over.
2.245.1 He packs up his tools and goes home, content that eventually,
if there is sufficient rain; there will be food for him to feed his children.
2.245.2 For many days, he sleeps and wakes and does nothing more to his plants,
but when he visits them he will see the blades of green pushing through the soil.
2.245.3 Later, he will return and see the growth of stalks and leaves,
and later on again he will see the forming of the seed, and then
one day he will see that the grain is plump and golden and ready to harvest.
2.245.4 Meanwhile, all this growth has taken place without any help from him.
The wheat has grown in a marvellous way that he cannot explain.
2.246 Is it magic? No, it is the work of the Father, the Power, Loving Intelligence
throughout the universe, which inspires the work and respires through it;
it is the activity of the Father which is the INTELLIGENT LIFE OF THE UNIVERSE.
2.247 When you enter the Kingdom of God, you have a good feeling.
2.247.1 You feel happy and joyous. Can you imagine how a woman would feel
if she lost a large sum of money and wondered how she would feed her children?
2.247.2 The woman of the house would be in tears and would sweep the house so
thoroughly that there would not be a speck of dust – then – hidden in a dark corner
she finds the treasured piece of silver and immediately her tears are dried,
she begins to smile and then feels so alive and so joyous that she rushes
out of her house to call in her neighbours to have a celebration party.
2.247.3 Where she had thought she had lost everything, she was now rich after all.
2.248 So is it when you find the Kingdom of Heaven – the Kingdom of God.
2.248.1 Instead of tears and fears, and hunger and sickness,
you find the peace, joy, plenty, and health of the Kingdom of God.
2.248.2 You will never experience any kind of lack again.
2.249 The Kingdom of God can also be likened to a very rich man who was
a dealer in pearls. All his life, he had wanted to find a special pearl which
would outshine all others, it would be flawless and perfect and
he would be the envy of every other dealer.
2.249.1 One day, he found such a pearl, beautiful beyond imagining, perfect
beyond all others. He sold everything he owned, he abandoned all that
he had accumulated, to buy this pearl and was happy beyond all dreaming.