CHRIST Returns Jesus Teaching the Crowd
Letter 2 rosepage 85
2.234 If you remember that what you truly believe, is what you get,
can you not see that this Jewish belief in Temple sacrifices of living things
will bring you nothing but misery?
2.234.1 Believe in punishment and punishment is what you will get.
2.234.2 Believe in killing and destruction as being the right way to reach God,
and that is what you will experience – killing and destruction.

2.235 If you are hungry and thirsty, it is because you are turning away
from the Father within you.
2.236 By indulging your fearful thoughts, anxieties and feelings of hopelessness,
you are creating the very conditions you want to rectify.
You are doing all these bad things to yourselves.
2.236.1 Therefore, even more blest are you when you hunger and thirst
for goodness and for contact with the Father within you,
because then you will surely be filled up a hundred times over.
2.237 Blessed are you when you are attacked and robbed
because you will see GOD-in-action when you stand still in perfect trust
and see deliverance taking place.
2.237.1 Blessed are you when you are caught up in conflict, yet you can still care
about your fellow man and be the peace maker.
2.238 You carry the love in your heart which is of the Father
and you are truly a child of the Father.
2.239 Blessed are you when you have been deeply wronged by another
yet can forgive and can show mercy,
abstaining from seeking justice or the means to persecute him.
2.239.1 You put yourself directly in harmony with the love which is
GOD-active-within you and even so will you be spared in times of trouble.
2.240 Most blessed of all are the pure in heart, for such as these have
rid themselves of all anger, hatred, vindictiveness, unkindness, envy,
hardness of heart – and stand before the world as Love-made-visible.
2.240.1 They will know the Reality called God
and they will know the Reality is the Father within them.
2.241 How can I help you see this great truth? How can I help you see
the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of GOD?
2.242 You do not have to look up at the sky because that is not where you will
see the activity of the Father so clearly that it must surely re-inforce your faith.
2.242.1 This is where people, down the centuries, have made the big mistake
of turning in towards their dreaming, their imagination, and creating
for themselves a Jehovah which does not exist.
2.243 You will not find the Father some place in the heavens above you.
2.243.1 The Father is in no special place but everywhere
around you and within everything.