CHRIST Returns Jesus Teaching the Crowd
Letter 2 rosepage 84
2.228 There is no difference between you who have little in life
and those who have it all, for rich and poor alike get sick,
make enemies, find themselves alone.
2.228.1 But the potential for you gaining more than the religious and rich
can ever hope to gain, in health, happiness, good fellowship,
achievement in your chosen way of life, is enormous.
2.228.2 And when it is all accomplished, you will know that
the opportunities, the ability, the inspiration
all came
from the Father within, because you will know
you could never have done such things if you had not asked
the Father within you to help you use all your talents, to put plenty
of food in your cupboards, and clothes on your back
and happiness and a good life for your children.

2.229 All these things will the Father do for you, if you will but ask
– and believe – and know – and remember at all times – that it is
the Father_Nature to create and then provide abundantly for all Its creation.

2.230 Just as you would not wilfully deprive your children of the things they need,
so will your Father never wilfully deprive you of all you need for a happy life.
2.230.1 If you are poor, it is because you have not yet understood
the nature of the Father; nor have you understood
that you must work with the Father to fulfill your own needs.
You must immediately grasp the divine opportunities
presented to you to help you forward.

2.231 If only I could show you and make you see and believe that
when you mourn, your sadness is known to the Father.
2.231.1 In time, your sadness will be changed to joy,
if you will but turn to the Father and watch the work
the Father_Love is doing in you.
2.231.2 You will find comfort beyond anything you thought possible.

2.232 How blessed you are when you are hungry and when you are thirsty,
for your needs are known to the Father.
2.232.1 Shortly those needs will be satisfied if you cease to wail and begin
to pray to the Father and ask – believing you will receive.

2.233 How can you believe that to eat and be properly clothed you must
first go to the Temple and offer burnt sacrifices of the Father’s
own living creatures to pay for your sinning?
2.233.1 Can you not see that the living things you burn have been created
to enjoy life even as you have been created to enjoy life?
2.233.2 They have been created to be a blessing and blest on this earth
even as you have been born to be both blessing and blest,
for this is the nature of Father_Love revealed in Its creation.