CHRIST Returns Jesus Teaching the Crowd
Letter 2 rosepage 83
2.225.1 For when your bellies are filled, and your bodies know ease,
and your minds and hearts are comfortable,
you have no urgent and present need of the Father
to become active within you to fulfill your needs.

2.225.2 You believe by your own thoughts and hands do you fulfill
your own needs easily, so when you speak of God
you can only speak of what you have heard spoken by others
– you, yourself, have no direct experience of GOD.
2.225.3 Consider the rich. They are sunk, bound, bogged down in their own riches. They get up in the mornings and go about their daily business,
knowing nothing about the Power of the Father within them. They think the thoughts which will increase their riches, the thoughts
which will boost the self, they send out commands which will burden those
who serve them, they live their lives according to their own choosing. Therefore, because they draw their limited life only from their own
limited human thinking arising from their bodily minds and hearts,
they get sick and experience as much misery as does the man who has nothing. They do not realise they are only half alive because they are not in touch
with the SOURCE OF LIFE, the Father within them. Neither do they ever ‘see’ that much of the good
which has come into their lives is not of their own devising
but is the LOVE WORK of the Father hidden within them.

2.226 The religious leaders are at ease in their own comforts of positions of authority.
2.226.1 They have no need of anything beyond their own physical satisfactions.
2.226.2 Because they have no personal knowledge of GOD, they must read,
from their Holy Books, the words of holy men spoken a thousand years ago,
and tell the people what they think the words mean.

2.226.3 But all they speak is drawn from their own little minds which are imprisoned
in the comforts of their lives, sunk in the expectations of what they shall eat
and drink and what apparel they will wear to impress the people.
2.226.4 They know nothing of the inspiration which gave birth to the words
spoken by the prophets all those centuries ago.
2.226.5 Neither do they know whether those words are what you really need
to hear at this moment, for times have changed.

2.227 Believe me, the rich men and the religious leaders are strong in earthly things
and do not want to be moved on from all that they regard as secure
and everlasting in their traditions and observances.
2.227.1 Any deviation will shake the foundations of their beliefs and therefore
of their lives, and so they build mental defences against the inflow
of the Power of the Father. They too, get sick, and they, in their own way,
know misery as do you who have no earthly comforts.