CHRIST Returns Jesus Teaching the Crowd
Letter 2 rosepage 82 No, if these were my disbelieving thoughts, there would be no healing.
2.219 When a person approaches me for healing,
I immediately rejoice because I know that the Power
which is the Father is within me, ready
and waiting to heal the moment I ask.
2.219.1 I give thanks because I know that the Father’s Will is health,
not sickness. Therefore, I pray that the Father’s Will be done in the sick person.

2.220 As I remove the belief in sickness from the sick person’s body
and KNOW that the Father’s Will of health is flowing into his system,
so does the appearance – the appearance – of sickness change into
the reality of Father Health and the body is made whole once more.

2.221 Sickness is nothing more than a lowering of vitality
– a reduction of LIFE – within the affected part.
Restore Father Life to the true Intention and Plan of your system
and the entire system functions as it should.
2.222 You have been told that God sends sicknesses, plagues, famine,
destruction to nations when they do not keep his laws,
you have been told that you yourselves are punished
by an angry God for sins you have committed.
2.222.1 What is punishment but evil-doing under the guise of goodness?
I say to you that evil does not come from GOD.
2.222.2 How can God be of two parts – good and evil?
2.222.3 It is only in your minds that you conceive good and evil,
only in your hearts do you think and feel it.
2.222.4 These thoughts and feelings have nothing to do with the true GOD
which is the Father within you, bringing you every good thing
if you will but believe this is so.
2.222.5 It is your belief in good and evil, and the good and evil in your hearts,
which brings you sickness.
2.223 In reality, you live within the Kingdom of Heaven,
and the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, and you are governed by the Father,
but because you believe in the punishments from GOD,
believe that only sacrifices in the Temple will save you,
believe that you are heir to sickness, poverty, misery,
you create with your minds, the very things you do not want.
2.224 Be not downcast – rejoice and be glad and know that those who
experience lack, far from being punished and abandoned by GOD,
even though they have sinned, are truly blest.
2.225 The man who has nothing is rich in the Power of the Father
if he will but heed It, trust It, and live within It.