CHRIST Returns Jesus Teaching the Crowd
Letter 2 rosepage 81
2.212 You are sorely pressed down and weary.
Your tasks grow heavier as you get older, your bellies are often empty,
your clothes get threadbare, people make you angry,
and you feel there is no end to your trouble and heaviness of spirit.
2.212.1 But this is not the truth concerning your existence.
2.212.2 Your lives were intended to be very different.
2.212.3 If you could only see beyond your feelings – if you could only lift your minds
to make contact with the Father within you,
you would be able to see and know what your state of existence should be.
2.212.4 You would realise that you were created to enjoy abundance,
protection, good health, and happiness.
2.213 But because, daily, you live in fear of ‘good and evil’
and believe and expect these more than you believe that
the Father is abundant LIFE and LOVE within you,
supplying you with all things necessary for health and well-being,
it is your most feared ‘good and evil’ experiences
you attract into your lives and bodies.
2.213.1 Your beliefs in ‘good and evil’ obscure – CLOUD OVER
all that the Father has in store for you if only you will believe in Father LOVE!
2.214 You judge your todays and expect of your tomorrows
what you have experienced in the past.
2.214.1 Therefore, are the ills of your yesterdays continually repeated in the future.
2.215 You are enslaved by your memories and your undeviating belief
that what was past must return again and again to burden and wound you.
2.216 You do not need to heal your bodies
or try to make your lives better,
you need to heal your beliefs!
2.217 I have told you there is nothing solid under the sun.
2.218 If you could heal your beliefs, bring your beliefs into line
with the Father true Intention for you, the wrong beliefs
governing your bodies and lives, would dissolve like mist in the sun.
2.218.1 Your every circumstance would immediately come back
to the Divine Intention behind all creation.
2.218.2 You would find that for every difficulty, for every lack of every kind,
there is always a means to end the difficulty,
there is always a filling of your basket to meet your need.
2.218.3 What do you think happens when the sick come to me
and I lay my hands upon them? Am I thinking about the illness,
am I wondering if the person will be healed, am I afraid
the Father may be sleeping or is so far away I cannot be heard?