CHRIST Returns The Future on planet Earth
Letter 2 rosepage 80
2.201 The greatest gift a man could give to another
was the enlightenment of ignorance of existence
and its cosmic laws, for the TRUTH was:
2.202 Every single soul was embraced within the UNIVERSAL
and the degree of UNIVERSAL INPUT
via the Father LOVE WORK in their lives
depended entirely on the individual’s receptivity.
2.203 I realised that what people needed urgently to hear
was what I had just been told.
2.203 They needed to see and fully realise the Intention
and the purpose and the potential of LOVE,
which was the very substance of their being.
2.204 Because of their disbelief, they might cast the
Father LOVE WORK Aside
as being more pain-inducing challenges
and thus lie down in their failure forever.
2.205 I now saw, even more clearly, I was sent to awaken people
to all the possibilities for selfdevelopment, prosperity
and the achievement of joy and happiness, but it would be up to them
to wake up and take advantage of what was offered them.
2.206 I remember that this upliftment lasted all night,
and in the morning I rose feeling alive as never before.
2.207 My message had been clarified.
I had seen, even more clearly, the Reality of the Father
and knew that I would be able to go out that day and meet the crowds
and transmit to them, the power and the life of what had been shown me.
2.208 As I climbed down from the cave, I came to a large rock
overlooking a steep precipice. When I sat, I was able to look down
over the town we were to visit that day.
2.209 I could feel that Perfecting Process – that Making Whole Impulse
– the Father – surging through me and I longed to share It
with others before the problems of daily living should swamp It,
and It should lose its power and driving force
within my human consciousness.