CHRIST Returns The Future on planet Earth
Letter 2 rosepage 79
2.193 I was lifted in consciousness into golden Light,
and as I was travelling upwards within this Light,
It suddenly changed to purest white
and I knew that, in consciousness, I was now
at the portals of the Equilibrium which is
the Eternal, the Universal, the Infinite dimension
beyond all conception of human mind.
observed the LIGHT but was not of IT,
nor was IT powerfully within me,
  since this was the GOD dimension of the void,
  the no-form of the Universal Equilibrium.
2.195 But IT communicated with me
and infused me with Its glowing LOVE.
2.195.1 It impressed in me, yet again, that IT was
the Creating-Perfecting-Healing-Process
governing all existence.
2.196 I knew that wherever there was lack there would eventually be
fulfilment, even as waters flow to fill a lake.
2.197 Where there is misery, there would be joy because
it was the NATURE of the Universal to move into
any living thing in need, to bring fulfilment and joy.
2.198 I knew that where there was no growth,
circumstances would arise to promote the growth.
I knew that where there was a sense of failure,
challenges would be provided to spur people
into success and self-confidence.

2.199 I saw that this LOVE WORK, constantly initiated by the Father
in the lives of overburdened people, might not be recognised
as a gift of LOVE by the recipients.
2.200 They might be so sunk in their apathy, feelings of failure,
their belief that nothing good could ever come their way,
they would fail to see anything in their lives
beyond their own beliefs and feelings!
2.200.1 Hence, they would remain rooted in their own self-created hell.
2.200.2 There was no need to feel sorry for anyone.
The only need was a compassionate heart and a determination
to bring Truth to heal their ignorance.