CHRIST Returns From Mission to Crucifixion
Letter 2 rosepage 78
2.187 It was my spiritual consciousness channelled
into the above forms of thought and feeling
which impelled me to set out on a three year journey
to bring the people, what I fully believed, was
final rescue from their own blind thinking and feeling
which were creating their own troubled lives.
2.188 I truly believed that if only the people could be shown
all that had been given to me to understand,
they would realise their past folly
and would make every effort to change their thinking
and put foot to the Path of Life leading to the Kingdom of Heaven.
2.189 To this end, I was prepared to give my life.
section sectorial 2.190 Because of the wrong interpretation
placed on my mission by Jewish teachers,
my true message has been distorted
out of recognition and the purpose of these Letters
is to bring to the people of this New Age, the truth
of what I really spoke to the crowds in Palestine.

2.191 Therefore, returning to my recounting of those days,
let me take you back to a special day
which bore fruit amongst my listeners
and made a lasting impression in the minds of my disciples.

2.191.1 Hence, for me also, it was a particularly meaningful day.

2.191.2 I took time off from the pressure of people,
to go into the hills to pray and meditate
to recharge my spiritual batteries
by making a deep, strong, more powerful connection
with the Father within me.
2.191.3 This connection was so rapidly obscured
within my consciousness when I was busy
amongst the crowds that I was exhausted.

2.192 Arriving in the cave I used when in that area,
I pulled out the pallet hidden under a rock
and lay down to sleep.
2.192.1 Instead of sleep, however, I felt the immediate inflow
of Divine Life, the Father, and the tiredness was dissolved
as my body was charged with the Power
which is the Creative Source of All Being.