CHRIST Returns From Mission to Crucifixion
Letter 2 rosepage 76
2.174 I knew and fully understood the lives and thinking of the populace.

2.175 I had previously thought their thoughts, felt their resentments,
endured their kind of anxieties in times of lack, felt powerless
in the grip of the Roman governance.
2.176 I now knew that none of this suffering
was really necessary.

2.177 Knowing as I did, the Reality of existence,
the Reality of Universal GOD,
2.177.1 I could clearly perceive the foolishness of the Jews in authority,
who were imposing a burdensome way of life upon the populace
which was wholly erroneous and in direct contradiction
of the Truth of Being.

2.178 The situation made me deeply angry.

2.179 Therefore, I knew I had been perfectly fashioned and honed
to become a purified instrument
of Divine Action in Palestine
– driven by my passion for TRUTH
and driven by my compassion for my fellow human beings.
2.179.1 Hence I called myself “Son of man”
because I knew exactly what mankind
was up against in their daily lives.

2.179.2 Furthermore, I had perfect confidence I could achieve
my objectives of bringing Truth to the people and thus
be instrumental in changing the quality of their lives.

2.179.3 For that reason, although I knew right at the outset of my mission
there would be a penalty to pay for all I proposed to do
– turn the known Jewish world upside down and inside out
– I was prepared to face up to it,
go through it, could not evade it,
because I loved people with Father_LOVE
flowing through my heart and being.
2.180 For Father_LOVE is the essence of GIVING
– giving Itself into visible being and visible existence
and growing, protecting, nourishing, healing,
and fulfilling all the needs of all creation made visible.