CHRIST Returns From Mission to Crucifixion
Letter 2 rosepage 74
2.157 I told them I could not promise them any earthly reward
for their help in spreading the ‘gospel of good news’.
2.158 I had no doubt at all that wherever we went we would be given
food and shelter and would be well received by the people.
2.159 I could only promise them the Truth that the Father knew
their needs and would fulfill them and keep them healthy.
2.159.1 I could also promise them that as they turned to the Father
and trusted the Father every step of the way,
they would be happy in a way they had never been happy before.
2.160 They would experience the Kingdom of Heaven themselves
to the extent they set aside the demands of self and served other people. They would witness the healings, and these would increase their faith
and give them the courage to endure any discomforts of the journey.

2.161 And this was how we came to start on our mission
of spreading

2.162 I sent these young men ahead of me into the town we were to visit.
2.162.1 As they entered it, they told the people to gather together
to hear the Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven.
2.162.2 The people were astonished and wanted to know more but
the disciple surged them to fetch their friends and neighbours
and they would be told all about it “when Jesus arrived”,
and there would be healing of their sick people.

2.162.3 Excitedly, many ran to help spread the good news
and soon they were gathered together in a huge crowd.

2.163 I, who had so deeply and passionately rebelled against
the long-faced religious homilies threatening violence,
punishments and damnation to sinners,
now walked with joy to meet these crowds.
I had my good news to share with them to brighten their day,
and healing of ailments and afflictions to gladden their lives.

2.163.1 Whereas, before, I moved amongst people selfishly and empty handed,
taking their goodwill and sometimes their hand-outs with little gratitude,
I came now with an abundance of life-giving possibilities
for everyone who was prepared to listen to my words
and take action to improve his quality of life.