CHRIST Returns After illumination in the desert
Letter 2 rosepage 73
2.147 I wanted to change and felt very strongly
I should go to John the Baptist as a starting point,
as it were, to the commencement of a new way of living.
2.148 I described what happened during the baptism
and my six weeks in the desert. I explained that all my previous thoughts
and beliefs, attitudes, arrogance, rebelliousness
were gradually cleansed from my consciousness
whilst I was going through the deep revelations and visions
showing me the Reality I now called the Father.
2.149 I explained the nature of the Father and that this Divine Nature
also constituted the Divine Will.
2.150 I told them that it was man himself, who,
through wrong thinking and wrong behaviour,
shut himself off from the Father within him,
and man alone, by first repenting and then
by mental-emotional cleansing, could find
his own way back to full contact with the Father.
2.151 When this was accomplished, the full Nature of the Father
would be released into the person’s mind, heart, body, soul
and his life environment and experiences.
2.151.1 As this happened, such a person would enter
into the Kingdom of Heaven ruled by the Father and also,
the Kingdom of Heaven would be established
within the consciousness of the person.
2.151.2 He would then have attained the purpose behind his existence.

2.152 As I spoke to my disciples, I saw their reactions reflected in their faces.
All doubt had gone, there was now a light of dawning comprehension and joy.
2.152.1 These young men became enthusiastic believers and exclaimed:
This is indeed good news!
2.153 However, after their first acceptance of all I said,
there were times when they wondered whether all I said could be true.
I understood this.
2.154 To be prepared to rid themselves of the image of ‘Jehovah’
so deeply imprinted in their minds took a great deal of courage.

2.155 There were times when they spoke amongst themselves
and questioned who was this man claiming such marvels?
2.156 Supposing they came along with me and it turned out that I was
really a messenger from Satan? What then?
2.156.1 They would be severely punished by Jehovah.
2.156.2 They had much to lose – their standing in society as sober,
hardworking young men, their reputation as tradesmen and artisans,
their loss of income, and biggest obstacle of all,
the probable anger and rejection by their families.
2.156.3 What would they receive in return?