CHRIST Returns After illumination in the desert
Letter 2 rosepage 71
2.129 Quite the contrary!
The Father was Itself all healing, all health, all fitness.
2.129.1 I had proved this the night before and in my home.
2.129.2 I exulted that I would be able to demonstrate this wonderful truth
to the crowds now gathering around me.
2.130 One sad old face caught my attention.
She was wrinkled and thin and crooked.
2.130.1 I went to her and kneeling beside her, I placed my hands
on her head and immediately felt the flow of Father_Power
through my hands, vibrating through her head
until her whole body shook with the Life Force energising her limbs.

2.131 People, watching this were astonished and wondered
what I might be doing to her, but others quietened their objections.

2.131.1 Gradually, her limbs began to unbend, lengthen, straighten;
her face became alive with the joy of returning strength.
2.131.2 I helped her to stand up, then she stood proudly by herself.
2.131.3 She was so overcome with happiness;
she began to weep then laughed and danced, calling out to the people:
Praise God” she said, “Praise God
and others standing there took up the refrain.
They were all deeply moved by what they had seen.

2.132 The crush of people pressing in against my person was so great,
Zedekiah offered to control them.
2.132.1 In orderly fashion, assisted by other eager onlookers,
he marshalled the sick towards me, that I might attend to them
according to their deepest need.

2.133 At last, feeling tired, my host invited me back to his house to dine.
2.133.1 He sent away those whom I had not been able to heal for lack of time.
2.133.2 He assured them I would return the following day.

2.134 It was a festive evening – so much to talk about – so much to celebrate
– so much to teach – so much to learn –
all of it certainly good news, the people agreed.

2.134 I knew that by many, I was accepted as speaking truly
of what I had seen in the desert.
2.135 And so it continued for many days.
2.136 People came to see me from far and wide.
2.136.1 Zedekiah and other of his friends helped me to control the crowds
to enable me to heal and teach.
2.136.2 The people listened gladly.
2.137 They were talking amongst themselves about the Father
and were eager to learn more about the thongs and chains
which bound people in misery.