CHRIST Returns After illumination in the desert
Letter 2 rosepage 70
2.121 People murmured that this was a new teaching altogether,
and yet it made greater sense than all they had been taught before.

Several voices urged me to tell them more.

2.122 “I tell you,
in me you have seen the LIFE active as healing; follow me
and you will hear of the PATH you must walk to find happiness;
in my words will you find the TRUTH of Existence
never yet revealed by any other man.”
2.123 “It has been said of the Messiah he will utter secrets
hidden from the beginning of creation.
2.123.1 I tell you truly, these secrets you will hear from me.
2.123.2 If you listen carefully and grasp their meaning,
and practise their truth, and hold fast to their laws,
you will be made new and will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.”
2.124 After I had spoken, the people were quiet for a moment and then
there was a clamour of excited talk but Zedekiah stood up
and said it was time for the household to settle down.
2.124.1 His boy needed sleep and his wife and daughters, too,
were weary after all their weeping.
2.125 It was arranged that, the next morning, I should go down to the harbour
and sick people would be brought to me.
2.125.1 Thus, I was able to launch my mission and everything
was speedily arranged for me in the best possible way.
2.126 It seemed that if I did not heal, there would be no interest in
and no acceptance of all I had to tell them.
2.126.1 Healing demonstrated the truth of what I wanted to teach,
and my teachings would explain the reasons
why I was able to bring them healing from the Father.
2.127 When I woke the next morning, I felt joyously alive
with the expectation of wondrous things to come.
2.127.1 After I had broken my fast, I set out with Zedekiah towards the town harbour, my heart aglow with love for everyone I passed.
I greeted them warmly, telling them I had good news
for those who wanted to hear it.

2.128 When I reached the jetty, I found men, women and children seated on the
ground, awaiting my arrival. Some held out their hands to me imploringly.
2.128.1 These looked very ill, some were crippled, many were covered in sores.
2.128.2 My heart still ached for their pitiful state but now
I could also rejoice because I knew that it was not the
Father’s Will they should be like this.