CHRIST Returns
Writing the Letters
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First, I would like to explain why I have used the title of recorder in place of my real name.
There was never the slightest doubt in my mind, whilst writing these LETTERS, that they emanated from Christ. I have described my reasons for being so sure of this, in my short biography.

During the writing of the LETTERS I was clearly told to leave myself out of the picture that CHRIST’S LETTERS must stand entirely on their own. People must decide for themselves wheth­er the Letters rang true or whether people felt they were fake.
I had written down what I had received, I would try to get them out for public scrutiny and whatever happened after that was strictly between the reader of the LETTERS and Christ Con­sciousness.

Christ promised in the LETTERS that they would form a link between the reader’s mind and Christ Mind and help would be given in un­der­stand­ing the deep meaning hidden behind the words.
Many people have reported experiencing that contact.
Many people have been aware of an inflow of insight.
Therefore, just as a secretary’s name is un­im­por­tant in a business trans­ac­tion, so is my name and my identity unimportant.
What is truly important is whether the reader can feel this is the au­then­tic Christ who has risen in spiritual consciousness to the very portals of the Equilibrium whilst still retaining individuality in order to remain in contact with the world of individuality.

You can buy CHRIST’S LETTERS in book form through the site. Please note that the Recorder has enhanced the title of the book, and it appears now, in its second edition as “CHRIST RETURNS - REVEALS STARTLING TRUTH”

She felt it would emphasize the urgency of the distribution of Christ’s teaching and hopefully attract a wider audience because so many people have confused Christ’s teachings in his Letters with the New Testament interpretations and Christian dogma.