CHRIST Returns After illumination in the desert
Letter 2 rosepage 69
2.109 Today, you saw a dying youth brought back to fullness of life again
within a short time – was it I who healed him?
Not at all. Of myself I can do nothing.
2.109.1 It was the LIFE that is the Father active within all things,
which came in full force to repair an ailing body
and bring it back to full health again
because I believed It would and did not doubt.”
2.110 There were sighs of satisfaction in the room.
New light, new interest, even new gentleness showed in their faces.

2.111Why then, does man suffer so grievously?” Miriam asked.

2.112 “Because when man is begotten,
when LIFE takes on form within the seed,
IT takes on the humanhood which separates IT
from every other individual in the world.
2.113 To make IT single, a lone figure, joined to none other,
solitary, private, ITS own person,
IT becomes subject to – is controlled by
two mightily strong impulses in his earthly nature:
2.113.1 – to hold fast to all those things he greatly desires
2.113.2 – and to reject and push away all that he does not want.
2.114 These two most basic impulses in man
underlie every single thing he ever does throughout his life,
and are entirely responsible for the trouble man brings upon himself.
2.115 Although the Father is active within man,
IT has nothing of humanhood in IT
2.116 Therefore the Father holds nothing, rejects nothing,
condemns nothing, does not even see ‘wrongdoing’.
2.117 All that man does which man calls ‘sin’ is only of this world
and is only punished within this world
– for it is a Law of Earthly Existence, as you know,
that whatever you sow you will reap as a like harvest.
2.118 Because he draws LIFE and MIND from the Father,
man himself is creative in thought, words and deeds.

2.119 Whatever he thinks, says, does, and believes,
returns to him in like form, some time later.

2.120 There is no punishment from the Father – whatever ills
come to mankind is of their own making entirely.