CHRIST Returns After illumination in the desert
Letter 2 rosepage 68
2.101 Even if we did know, we would still not know what set
such an important life process to work in living bodies of every species.
See how wonderfully, the bodies of each species is fashioned
and created purposefully, expressly to transform the kind of food they eat,
into nourishment to grow bone, blood and flesh.”
2.102Now you show us these things, we can see they are truly marvellous.!

A young man exclaimed.

2.103 “They are! They are! We see the young bodies going through their various
stages of development, and we see their minds keeping pace with their
physical development until the youths and maidens begin to long
to find a spouse and to become parents themselves.

2.103.1 Then the great work of conception is accomplished
and the growth of the seed within the womb continues,
until it comes forth as a full term child.

2.104 Think!
Who determines all this steady, orderly growth within the woman,
from whence come the plans which govern
the right development of head, body, and limbs and are unvarying
from one woman to another, and from one species to another?
2.104.1 Who decides the exact moment when birth shall begin –
the physical means by which the child shall be brought forth from the womb,
the provision of milk for the child?
2.104.2 Think – is it the mother?
No, it is not the mother, she is but witness of all that
takes place in her from the moment her husband has been to her
and planted his seed to join with hers.
2.105 Does GOD do all these things from afar? Do his thoughts reach out
to each man and woman and decide when these things shall take place?
2.105.1 No, all this work is accomplished by the Creative Mind_Power,
the Intelligently Loving Life within every living thing.
2.106 We see the parents’ love of their young, be they bird, animal and man.
Where does this love come from?
2.107 It is drawn from the Creative Mind_Power
– Perfect Love – Perfect Love – of the Father within us.
2.108 It is because the Father does the work
within the plants, the trees, the birds, animals and man himself,
that we are here today, living, breathing, eating, sleeping, having children,
growing old and then dying to pass on to some more happy place.

2.108.1 All of this is the work of the Father active within us.
2.108.2 How can you possibly deny the truth of all I have said tonight?