CHRIST Returns After illumination in the desert
Letter 2 rosepage 67
2.89 I alone have seen That which has brought us into being,
and I know that IT is not the kind of God taught by the Rabbis.
2.90 I saw that IT is Perfect Love and for this reason I would rather speak
of the Father, for I have seen that It works within every living thing,
keeping them in a good state of health even as a human father works
to keep his children well fed, clothed and protected within the shelter
of a home. I have seen IT within everything in the world.”

2.91How can that be?” a man asked doubtfully.

2.92 “It is not possible for an individual ‘being’ of any kind
to be everywhere at once.
2.93 But the air is everywhere although we cannot see it.
2.93.1 Nonetheless, we know – and do not doubt – it is very real
and very important to our existence.
2.93.2 If there were no air and we could not breathe it, we would die.
2.93.3 The movement of air, which we call wind, we cannot see
but we see it agitate the leaves, and drive the clouds across the sky,
so we know the air is around and above us and is strong.
2.93.4 And now I will ask you, what is the most real and valuable part of a man
– his body or his mind?’

2.94 Some answered it was the body, otherwise
he would have no place on earth, could not work,
could not be seen, would not be known.
2.94.1 Others said they thought that his mind was more important than his body.

2.95 And I answered: “His mind is the most important part of him
since without his mind, he could not power his body.
2.95.1 He would not eat, drink, sleep, move, plan, or live.
2.95.2 Yet, we cannot see mind.
2.95.3 We can only know we have a mind
because of the thoughts it produces and because
the thoughts fashion some kind of action in our lives.
2.95.4 We believe mind works through the brain.
      Yes, it does.
2.96 For how could brain, born of flesh, produce thoughts, feelings, ideas, plans?
2.97 And now it should be clear to you that this is how the Father
is present within all things;
2.98 It is the directing mind behind the human mind,
working Its great works within every living thing.
2.99 We know this is so, for we see the marvels it brings about.
2.100 We see the growth of children, we see the food they eat
miraculously changed into another substance
which nourishes and makes them grow.
2.100.1 How this happens, we do not begin to know or even imagine.