CHRIST Returns After illumination in the desert
Letter 2 rosepage 65
2.75 “Are you a doctor?” she asked.
I replied that I had received no medical training
but nonetheless I could help him.
2.75.1 On reaching her house – large, and well-built of stone,
indicating social standing and prosperity, she took me to her husband,
saying: “This man says he can help our son.”
2.75.2 He nodded morosely but said nothing. The woman, Miriam,
drew me away saying he was distressed and very angry.
2.75.3 “The boy is our only son amongst many daughters
and he is blaming God for giving the child the sickness”. Miriam wept.
2.75.4 “If he speaks like this against God,
what other troubles will be heaped upon us, I wonder?”
2.75.5 “Take comfort,” I said. “Shortly, your son will be well again”.
2.75.6 She looked doubtful but led me to the room in which the boy lay.
2.76 It was hot and stifling, and filled with gloomy, talkative ‘well-wishers’.
2.76.1 I asked the mother to clear the room but the visitors were resistant.
They wanted to see what would be done and only left reluctantly
when Miriam called her husband to speak to them.
2.76.2 I could hear them arguing with the father in the next room.
2.76.3 What did he think this man could do, if the doctor had been unable
to help the boy? The father came into the room to see for himself.
2.77 His son was deathly pale and had a high fever.
2.77.1 The mother explained he could not keep his food down,
and had loose bowels. He had been like that for several days
and had lost so much weight, the doctor had said nothing more
could be done for him. He would probably die.
2.78 I placed my hands on the boy’s head and prayed,
knowing and silently giving heartfelt thanks that the Father_LIFE
would flow down through my hands and into his body.
2.79 Thus the healing work would be accomplished.
I felt extreme heat and a tingling vibration in my hands,
and the Power pouring into his frail body.
2.79.1 I was overcome with joyous thanksgiving.
2.80 How great, how wonderful was the Father_LIFE
when released to do Its natural work of healing!
2.81 His mother and father, looking anxious, wondering what would happen next, held each other’s hands and watched intently.
2.81.1 As they saw their son’s colour gradually change from white
to a more healthy glow, they exclaimed in astonishment and delight.
2.81.2 After some time, the boy looked up at me, saying brightly:
“Thank you. I am well now. I am hungry and want something to eat.”
2.81.3 His mother laughed with happiness and held him close,
but also looked apprehensive.
“I cannot give you food, my son. The doctor will be angry.”