CHRIST Returns After illumination in the desert
Letter 2 rosepage 62
2.47 I was quieter, visibly controlled likely outbursts, reined in my energy,
curbed impatience, no longer argued.
2.47.1 I became more caring, listened to her womanly grumbles,
helped her in the house by repairing broken furniture
and walked the hills to distant farms to find the fruit and vegetables she wanted.

2.47.2 I came to love her tenderly and compassionately
as a mother should be loved.

2.48 One day, she ventured to ask me:
“Do you still say that Jehovah is a myth?”
2.48.1 Job said that if Jehovah were to withdraw his breath, all flesh
would collapse together. That is the ‘Jehovah’ I believe in and saw
2.49 “No one has seen Jehovah!” she said firmly.
2.50I saw THAT Which has brought all things into being,
I replied quietly.

2.50.1I call IT the Father, because IT is PERFECT LOVE;
LOVE more perfect than a mother’s”
I added, smiling at her.
IT works in, through and for all ITS creation. It is the Father in me
which has brought you the things you needed in the house
and healed my brothers and sisters so swiftly.

2.51 I could see she was beginning to understand a little of what I said.
2.51.1 “What of sin?” she asked.

2.52 “There is no ‘sin’ as we understand it.
We are born to behave as we do.
2.53 We have to find a way to overcome our human thoughts
and feelings for they separate us from the protection of the Father
and bring us our sickness and misery.
2.54 When we have learnt how to overcome the self,
we will enter the Kingdom of Heaven”