CHRIST Returns After illumination in the desert
Letter 2 rosepage 61

2.41 Good people will spit and throw their rotten rubbish over you.
You are a disgrace to your family.”

2.41.1 So, despite her anger, I laughed and thanked and kissed her warmly.
2.41.2 Gladly, I remained with her, knowing very well that underneath her anger,
she was deeply anxious for me.

2.42 She fed me well and made me good new clothes.
2.42.1 I appreciated all she did towards improving my appearance,
as I knew that to move freely between rich and poor,
I must be acceptably clad in decent garments.
2.43 At times, there were food shortages in the home.
2.43.1 Drawing on the power of my Father, I replenished them saying nothing.
2.43.2 Neither did she. I knew she wondered sadly whether,
to all my other bad habits, I had now added that of thief.
2.44 Then she caught me with a freshly baked loaf in my hands
and knew that I had not been out of the house to buy it
and neither had the stove been in use that day.
2.44.1 She said nothing but gave me a long pondering look.
2.44.2 I could see her attitudes change at that moment.
2.44.3 She was no longer sure of her ground.
2.44.4 She was beginning to question her own attitudes towards me
and also the truth of my statements:
2.44.5 “What really happened to him out in the desert?
How could he make a loaf of bread without fire, flour and yeast?
What does it mean? IS he the Messiah?”

2.45 Then my brother cut his hand.
2.45 He was in much pain when it festered.
2.45.1 He allowed me to put my hands on his wound and quietly pray.
2.45.2 I could see that he felt the Power flow into his hand
because he looked at me strangely.
2.45.3 “The pain has gone” he said briefly.
2.45.4 He was surly as he walked away,
and I knew that whilst he was relieved to be free of pain,
he did not like me for having been able to help him.
2.45.5 I sensed his jealousy.

2.46 My sister scalded her hand and another brother often complained
of bad headaches. I was able to cure them both.
2.46.1 My brothers and sisters began to joke about my magic powers.
2.46.2 They questioned what evil I might do to them if they angered me.