CHRIST Returns After illumination in the desert
Letter 2 rosepage 60
2.33 I stopped her from doing this.
I said that I had not yet told her what had been revealed to me.
2.34 One of the most important things I had learnt was that the Orthodox Jews
were entirely wrong in their belief in an avenging god.
There was no such thing.
2.34 This frightened and upset her and she exclaimed,
2.34.1 “How then will Jehovah govern the world and make us good
and listen to his prophets, if He does not punish us?
2.34.2 Are you now so big that you are going to tell the High Priests
their own business handed down to them from the time of Moses?
2.34.3 Are you going to bring more shame on this house?”
2.35 She began to cry, saying with anger: “You’ve not changed a bit.
You’ve only changed in what you’re saying.
You have brought me nothing but grief.
How could I have ever believed you would be a Messiah?
2.35.1 You will only lead people into greater torment than ever before,
with your strange ideas.”
2.35.2 My brothers heard her wailing and came running,
wanting to turn me out of the house.
2.36 Because I did not want a disturbance, I offered to leave peacefully.
2.37 If this was how my mother reacted,
I could be sure that everyone else would react in the same way
to what I wanted to tell them.
2.37.1 I realised I needed a quiet time of absolute rest and silence
in which to collect all my thoughts and experiences together.
2.37.2 I would have to pray for inspired guidance on how best
to approach the Jews with my message of good news.
2.38 I was sure that the Father_Life would meet my need,
and I would find the right accommodation somewhere.
2.39 My mother, although furious with my seemingly big-headed attitudes,
was, nonetheless, torn with her feelings of love and compassion
for my emaciated condition.
2.39.1 She rejected everything I appeared to stand for
– rebelliousness, contempt for the Jewish Religion, high-handed
attitudes towards authority, my self-will and arrogance,
but she still loved me and was deeply afraid
that I would eventually land up in greater trouble
than I had ever thought possible.
2.40 She admonished my brothers, telling them to hold their noisy arguments
and turned to me. “You can stay here until you are better,” she said.
“Perhaps whilst you are here, I can talk some sense into you.
2.40.1 I can tell you now, if you go out into the streets
and begin talking as you have to me
– you will end up in an even worse state than ever.