CHRIST Returns Reasons and Modalities
rosepage 6

I HAVE COME expressly to rectify
the misinterpretations
of my Teachings in Palestine
because all Church dogma is impeding
your spiritual progress, as thousands of people
are discovering world-wide.

Because people are on the threshold of
a world crisis of enormous proportions,
it is vital for survival that


should reach all who will listen.

You know little of the true processes of creation
in which you, yourselves, play a major role.
It is imperative you should understand them sufficiently
to enable you to embark on the implementation
of a higher vision for all humanity.

It is impossible for my spiritual consciousness to take on human form;

to enable me to speak to you directly, I have de-programmed and prepared a receptive, obedient mind to receive my Truth and frame it in words.
She is my ‘recorder’.