CHRIST Returns After illumination in the desert
Letter 2 rosepage 59

2.26.1 She looked at me, open-mouthed, wide-eyed and frightened,
then slammed the door in my face.
2.26.2 I could hear her running to the back of the house, screaming:
“Mother, come quickly, there is a dirty old man at the door.”
2.26.3 I could hear my mother muttering crossly to herself, hurrying to the door.
Flinging it open, she stood, rooted in shock.
2.26.4 I smiled but for a moment, she looked me up-and-down
with increasing horror as she realised this dreadful creature
was indeed her wayward son, Jesus.
2.26.5 I held out my hand to her, saying:
2.26.6 “I know I cause you much pain but can you help me?”
2.26.7 Immediately, her expression changed and drawing me inside,
she secured the door.
2.27 “Quick,” she said to my frightened sister. “Stop that noise
and put water on to boil. Your brother is starved.
2.27.1 It doesn’t matter what trouble he has got into, he belongs to us.
He must be looked after.”
2.28 Gently, she helped me take off my clothes and bent me
over a large page of water and scrubbed me clean.
2.28.1 She washed and trimmed my hair and beard, and lightly
covered the sores on my body and lips with a healing salve.
Neither of us broke the silence. .
2.29 I savoured the love she showed me and tried to show
my gratitude by a more gentle and sensitive approach.
2.30 Having helped me put on a clean robe, she sat me down
to a frugal meal of bread, milk and honey.
2.30.1 Reluctantly, she gave me wine, to pick up my strength,
but it was obvious she thought that wine
had been the cause of my shocking plight.
2.30.2 Then she led me to a bed and placed a cover over me.
I slept for several hours and woke refreshed to a morning,
bright with sunshine seen through the window.
2.31 I was now longing to talk to my mother, to tell her that I was
indeed a Messiah but not the kind the Jews imagined.
2.31.1 I could save people from the bad results of their sins.
2.31.2 I could help them find health, abundance,
fulfilment of their needs, because I could now teach them
exactly how the world had been created.
2.32 As I tried to tell her, she started off by being excited and delighted.
2.32.1 She jumped to her feet and wanted to rush out
to tell the neighbours her son was indeed the Messiah
– they should hear how nicely he now talked –
and he had been fasting in the desert!