CHRIST Returns After illumination in the desert
Letter 2 rosepage 58
2.17 When I left the desert and put foot to the road leading to
my village of Nazareth, I was still elated, exuberantly joyous
in the knowledge so gloriously revealed to me in the desert.
2.18 I focused my thoughts entirely on all that I had learnt
and if my thoughts strayed to my former negative forms of thought,
I swiftly turned to the Father for inspiration
and determination in overcoming them.
In this way, I returned, constantly,
to the Light of awareness and understanding.
2.19 Some people looked at me askance, seeing my joy
and also my dirty, unkempt appearance.
2.19.1 Was I happy with drink, they wondered?
2.19.2 Others looked at me with abhorrence.
2.19.3 Instead of reacting with anger as in the past,
I remembered that I had been blest with visions
and knowledge they could not even begin to imagine.
2.19.4 I blest them and prayed for their inner vision
to be similarly opened, and continued peacefully
along the road to my home.
2.20 There were villagers, however, who viewed my pitiful state
with compassion and hurried into their houses to fetch me bread
and even wine to help me on my way.
2.20.1 There was always someone who offered shelter for the night.
2.21 The Father Life indeed supplied all my needs
and gave me protection as needed.
2.22 All this time, I said not a word about my weeks in the desert.
I felt that the time was not yet ripe.
2.23 Eventually, I reached my home town, Nazareth, and the villagers
openly scoffed, pointing at my filthy self and tattered clothes.
2.24 “Dirty lazy layabout” were some of the kinder words thrown at me.
2.25 I came to my mother’s door with a feeling of dread,
since I knew she would be more shocked than her neighbours
when she saw me stand in front of her: thin,
bones showing through skin,
eyes sunken and cheeks hollowed out,
face burnt black and lips blistered with the sun,
and beard grown long and straggly.
2.25.1 My clothes! She would be outraged when she saw my clothes
– their original colour wholly obscured by desert dust
and the cloth torn and ragged.
2.25.2 I mounted the steps and braced myself to endure the heat
of my mother’s fury.
2.26 When I knocked, my sister came to the door.