CHRIST Returns The Future on planet Earth
Letter 2 rosepage 57
2.13 Since it is impossible for me, to descend into human body again
to speak to the world,
and I have other dimensions to whom I minister,
I have trained a sensitive soul to receive and transcribe.
2.13.1 It is the nearest I can do to talking to you personally.
2.13.2 I hope you will be able to receive and accept this.
2.13.3 Whatever is erroneous is erased. You may be sure of this.
2.13.4 The incidents and healings related in the following pages
are not important. They happened
but they are given only to enable you
to understand their true spiritual significance.
2.14 I want you, as you read, to relate the conditions
of 2000 years ago to your present life and times.
2.14.1 I want you to regard the persona of ‘Jesus’ as an icon
of what can eventually be achieved
by every human being who is ready and willing
to become a founder member
of the kingdom of heaven on earth.
2.15 Although people of your present world
are what you call sophisticated,
big-headed in their modern knowledge and learning,
versed in contemporary manners, and in new ways of relating one to another, basically, the people all those years ago were the same as yourselves.

2.15.1 They were controlled and motivated entirely
by their TWIN IMPULSES of
even as you are.
2.15.2 They loved, hated, criticised, condemned, slandered and gossiped,
possessed ambitions to rise to the top of society,
despised those who were failures in life,
secretly slept around as you call it,
and taunted those who were different in any way to themselves.

2.16 To help you fully understand and enter into my time on earth,
my consciousness has descended to your plane of earthly existence
to experience yet again the persona of ‘Jesus’
and the emotions and events in which I was involved.

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