CHRIST Returns The Future on planet Earth
Letter 2 rosepage 56
2.6 It is important you should be able to visualise Palestine as it was
when I was on earth and clearly see the inner conflicts
which my teachings aroused in the people indoctrinated
in the Jewish beliefs and Traditional Rites.
2.6.1 These conflicts lie at the heart of the gospellers’ inability to record,
accurately, all that I tried to teach them.
2.7 In the gospels are frequent references to my parables describing
the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdom of God,
whichever term the gospellers used, but nowhere
has any attempt been made to reach into the words themselves,
explore the figures of speech, or lift out the spiritual meaning
of the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven.
2.8 As I speak of my true sermons given to the people, you will,
in the light of my experiences in the desert
and of your own knowledge of scientific facts,
be able to understand, at last, a little of what
I was attempting to teach at that time.
2.9 Since I was largely unsuccessful, it is imperative another attempt
should be made to do so, at the beginning of this age,
this millennium,

since it is on my privileged, highest
spiritual knowledge and insight
that the next age
will be founded and developed.

2.10 It was – and is – essential for a Teacher such as I and others
have been, super-sensitive and wholly committed mentally and emotionally
2.10.1 to a search for Truth of Existence,
2.10.2 to come to earth to COiN WORDS
2.10.3 to describe to people on earth, imprisoned in words,
in an unformed state.
2.11 Were it not for such inspired Teachers, people on earth would
have remained in ignorance of all that lies beyond the earth
– ready for contact, to be personally experienced and absorbed
to promote future spiritual evolution.
2.11.1 Not only this – the Bible is said to be the most widely read book
in the world. In its present form it has served its purposes.
2.12 The New Testament, as it stands, with all its baggage of misinterpretation
is a deterrent to spiritual evolution. It is now time to move forward
into a new realm of mystical perception and understanding.