CHRIST Returns
The Future on planet Earth
Letter 2 rosepage 55

Letter 2
This Letter should be pondered rather than read


I am the CHRIST

Whilst I operate from the highest realms
my influence encircles your world.

2.1.1 Speaking metaphorically,
I am as distant in consciousness from your world
as your sun is distant from earth.
2.1.2 Yet if you call on me sincerely,
I am as close to you
as is necessary to help you.
2.2 There will be many who will be unable to receive these LETTERS.
Such people are not yet ready for them.
2.3 There will be those who will try to stifle their existence,
since the teachings will be threatening their livelihood or religion.
They will not succeed.
2.3.1 These LETTERS will be strengthened by opposition.
2.4 There will be those who will receive these LETTERS with joy, since
in their souls they have known that beyond the religions of the world
has been TRUTH – the  REALITY of existence.
2.4.1 These are the people who will prosper and will eventually
save the world from self-annihilation.
2.5 I will now take up my autobiography from where I left off in my last LETTER.
2.5.1 My purpose in giving you some of the biographical details
of my entrance into public life as teacher and healer
is to bring alive for you, my youthful attitudes and behaviour,
the circumstances of my attaining
my own state of spiritualised humanhood.