CHRIST Returns Your Mindset & Emotional patterns
Letter I
rosepage 54
1.204 The question was:
would his normal ‘consciousness’ bring about a return
of the condition divinely erased from his body?
1.204.1 Therefore I said to the person who had received healing:
“go your way and sin no more”.
1.205 I want you to know and believe with all your hearts
that my state of consciousness when on earth,
described to you in the above paragraphs,
is the ‘state of consciousness’
to which you should also aspire with all your mind and heart.
1.206 My experiences of enlightenment in the desert
enabled me to achieve the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS
to a large extent whilst on earth.
1.207 But you can follow in my steps if you have the will to do so,
and I will surely be at hand to help you on your journey.
1.208 You may feel my presence if you are sufficiently sensitive to do so.
1.208.1 But if for some time, you feel nothing, do not be cast down,
because as you do the work of changing your consciousness,
you can be absolutely certain you will be tuning
and I will be aware of all that is happening to you.
1.209 KNOW that your purpose on earth is to ascend
in spiritual consciousness until you transcend all the humanhood
which presently holds you back, until, eventually,
you, too, can control the elements and become a master.
1.210 Realize too that when world consciousness is fully attuned
to Father_Creative Consciousness,
all things inimical to the perfect well-being of man will disappear.
1.210.1 There will be no more malaria bearing mosquitoes, locusts
to strip your crops, severe climatic conditions, infections, viruses,
and everything else which presently cause problems for living things.
1.210.2 You will live within a cloak of universal protection.
1.211 When your own consciousness is perfectly attuned to
and in harmony with Father_Love
– then you too will be divinely protected
and will become channels of: Creative design, growth,
nutrition and nourishment, protection, healing, regeneration,
fulfillment of need, law & order.
1.211.1 FATHER LOVE will be operational within your mind, heart, body
and It will be operational in all those
to whom you direct its power.