CHRIST Returns Your Mindset & Emotional patterns
Letter 1 rosepage 53
1.196 This was the intention behind creation.
1.197 You were intended to express Universal Creative Consciousness
through your mind and heart.
1.198 I, the CHRIST, have come at this time
to show you how to do this.
1.199 First of all, consider my state of consciousness
when I performed my so-called miracles.
1.199.1 I did not pray a set prayer.
1.199.2 I simply asked the Creative Father radiating through my
own consciousness, for whatever was needed.
1.200 I strongly realized and visualized theFather_Creative Consciousness
was a dynamic operating Force which manifested itself
through the visible world as: Creativity, intelligent design,
growth, nutrition and nourishment, protection, healing, regeneration,
fulfillment of every need – all within a system of law & order.
1.201 I realized that the Creative_Father Consciousness would radiate
all Its Nature through my consciousness to enter
the consciousness of those who had asked for healing
and sincerely believed they would receive it.
1.201.1 I also knew that if they did not have faith and expectancy of healing,
this type of negative consciousness would not be influenced
by the inflow of the NATURE of Father_Consciousness
and no healing would take place.
1.201.2 I also realized that the healing work done by the Creative_Father Consciousness was really Love made visible on earth.
1.201.3 I also realized that all the work done by the
Creative_Father Consciousness within the visible world was love
made manifest – and gave thanks.
1.201.4 I realized that out of Universal Consciousness had come
all the substance of the universe – and gave thanks.
1.201.5 I realized that Creative_Father Consciousness was the worker
and that It was eternal and infinite and nothing
– nothing except the human mind could stop it from doing its work.