CHRIST Returns Your Mindset & Emotional patterns
Letter 1 rosepage 52
1.188 If, in your mind, after prayer, the old conditions have not
become past negative conditions, then return to prayer
until you can dismiss them from your mind
and really believe that all is being Divinely taken care of
– right that minute. Return again and again to giving thanks
for the benefits you have asked for. They will surely materialize.
1.189 There are many thousands of people in your world today,
consistently relying on the Universal Father
Creator to fulfill their every need and witnessing
to the manifold blessings in their lives.
1.190 Abandon fears, they have availed you nothing.
Now turn to the universal Father Creator
– as the SOURCE OF YOUR BEING, conception,
growth, development, nutrition, regeneration, healing,
fulfillment of your every need, PROTECTION,
all within a system of SPIRITUAL LAW & ORDER.
1.191 Realize that all this wonderful work is constructive,
purposeful, orderly.
1.192 You truly have a MASTER MIND behind you,
your family and living conditions. TRUST IT.
1.192.1 Do not allow your thinking to spoil the Divine Creative Operation!
1.193 Remember, above all – that I, the CHRIST,
only performed my so-called miracles because I realized
that the Kingdom of GOD was within me and
that I could always rely on my Creator Father
to do the work in and through me.
1.194 Remember that you only have an individual consciousness because
you have drawn it from the Creative_Father Consciousness .
1.195 When your personal consciousness is fully cleansed of negativity,
you will discover that you, too, have become a purified channel
of Creative_Father Consciousness .
1.195.1 You will also be a joyous source of growth, nutrition, healing,
nurturing, protection, fulfillment of need, within a system
of good organizational law and order to all who come within your orbit.
1.195.2 This powerful influence will be extended through your mind
to your families, friends, neighbors,
farm lands and your animals and crops.
1.195.3 Even as electricity passed through your hands
will light a Bunsen burner in a laboratory,
so will your LIFE FORCE radiations
benefit all who come within your radius of influence.