CHRIST Returns Your Mindset & Emotional patterns
Letter 1 rosepage 51
1.180 Write down all your discoveries about yourself
and lock it away in a safe place.
1.180.1 This work you have done for yourself is for yourself
– only for your benefit.
1.181.2 You have not done it to make you a better person,
or to please God or to win approval from other people.
1.181.3 You have done this work to remove existing inner
blocks to your spiritual development and ultimate happiness.
1.182 If you decide to change your life by reading these Letters daily,
I urge you to put your dated letter in a safe place.
1.182.1 Re-read it in a year’s time and rejoice in the great changes
1.182.2 which you will see have taken place in your mindset.
1.182.3 You will also see that there have been changes
in your circumstances.
1.183 Remember that prayer and meditation
focused entirely on your Creator
will bring you new strength and insight which, in turn,
will bring changes to your feelings and environment.
1.184 When praying – Never focus on your problems
– always – ask for the right remedy.
1.184.1 Let your Creator bring you the right solutions
which your human mind is incapable of thinking up.
1.185 For instance – never tell your Creative Father how ill you are.
1.185.1 Concentrate on the Power you are receiving
immediately into your condition
(although your consciousness may be too densely human to feel it)
and give thanks for your swift recovery and believe in it.
1.185.2 When you give thanks
you are accepting, acknowledging, believing,
impressing in your own consciousness the realization that your prayer
now lies within the Father_Love Consciousness
and is being processed for visible manifestation in due course
at the right time.
1.186 When in Palestine, I constantly gave thanks for the work
before it was accomplished.
1.187 Never pray and then go out of your room and tell people
how ill you feel, or how terrible the personal or national situation is.
1.187.1 If you have asked the Father Creator to solve your problems,
finances or poor health, what an insult to the Father Creator
to continue to bring up past negative conditions?
1.187.2 You immediately undo
the work the Father Creator is engaged in.