CHRIST Returns Your Mindset & Emotional patterns
Letter 1 rosepage 50
1.176.1 Your emotional patterns can be as damaging to your overall welfare
as your mindset.
1.176.2 Your mindset together with your emotional patterns
are your creative tools.
1.176.3 These together create the necessary outlines for future possessions,
events and circumstances.
1.176.4 These CREATIVE TOOLS work in your life
whether you intend them to or not.
1.177 It is far more difficult to discover your deep-seated
emotional attitudes either conscious or subconscious
than to recognize your mental conditioning.
1.177.1 People can be possessed by negative emotional patterns
and be quite unaware of them, since they are covered by
the moment-to-moment emotions arising from the daily routine.
1.177.2 To discover what your emotional patterns really are, ask yourself
questions along the following lines, and be totally honest with yourself.
1.177.3 To try to hide from the truth of your emotional patterns
is merely to deceive yourself and hold yourself back from achieving
the joyous state of existence you were intended to enjoy.
1.178 How do you really feel about LIFE?
1.179 I want you to write yourself a warmly compassionate letter,
telling yourself exactly how you feel
as you answer the following questions:
1.179.1 Are you happy to be alive or
would you prefer to be able to cease to live? If your truthful answer is the latter,
then you have a negative attitude towards existence
and are at war within yourself at a deep level. You know, consciously, that you have to continue your daily life
but at your deepest level you would like to quit. The interior war prevents you from attracting all
that you could be experiencing with a positive emotional pattern.

1.179.2 How do you really feel about your relatives? Is there any buried hostility which you do not want to admit
or that you did not realize existed?

1.179.3 How do you feel about your employment, colleagues,
entertainment, other races. etc.?