CHRIST Returns Your Mindset & Emotional patterns
Letter 1 rosepage 49
1.168 Everything is woven out of the inner threads of your personal consciousness
– thoughts, expectations, beliefs in life, fate, GOD.
1.169 You live in a world of your own making.
1.169.1 This is why children raised in the same environment turn out differently.
1.169.2 Each one has its own individual Mindset constructed
according to inherent character traits.
1.169.3 If, from birth, you had no developing Mindset,
you would be as unconscious as a statue,
devoid of feeling, responses and thought.
1.169.4 Vacantly, you would stare at the world, and whilst there might be
a great deal of activity around you,
nothing would impinge on your consciousness,
since you would be devoid of reaction.
1.169.5 Nothing would make you happy or miserable,
even if a bomb exploded in your vicinity.
1.170 Without a mindset, you have no life, no development, no evil, no good.
1.171 Your TYPE of mindset determines the quality of your life.
1.171.1 This is the very first Truth of Existence
1.171.2 I want you to realize and understand fully.
1.171.3 Furthermore, for as long as you live you carry your mindset
with you wherever you go.
1.171.4 There is no escaping it, and day after day,
it will continue to create for you the type of existence
you have experienced in your past.
1.172 Many people go through their entire lives believing they are unfortunate.
1.172.1 They think that other people have been mean, unkind, ugly to them,
and have made their lives thoroughly unhappy.
1.172.2 They believe that other people quarrel with them and constantly
make difficulties whilst they are absolutely innocent of any provocation.
1.173 On the contrary, other people are not to blame.
It is the personal mindset which is attracting to them
their negative conditions.
1.174 Many people shy away from the suggestion that they alone
are responsible for their troubles.
1.174.1 It is more difficult for some people to face up to their inadequacies
than it is for those who have the inner strength and self-confidence
to look at themselves fairly and squarely.
1.175 Sincere Prayer draws the Father_Creative Consciousness into the mind,
quietly, secretly, it cleanses the human consciousness
of all that the seeker no longer feels comfortable with.