CHRIST Returns Your Mindset & Emotional patterns
Letter 1 rosepage 48
1.159 But, as it turned out, even my disciples
could not rid themselves sufficiently of Jewish doctrine
to enable them to understand either the principle of consciousness
or the activity of the Divine Creative Power within creation.
(Until this time, it has remained a mystery to all
except the spiritually enlightened.)
1.160 Even the spiritual words of enlightenment cannot be immediately,
fully comprehended by the human mind; therefore these Letters
must be read slowly and accompanied by much meditation
and prayer to be properly understood.
1.160 Remember, unless you can become as a child
– (getting rid of a useless clutter of beliefs, prejudices, resentments,
ambitions, and ego-drive) with a mind filled with wonder and utmost faith,
you will not be able to absorb these pages as you should.
1.161 To become a child, you must make an effort to shed
all past mental conditioning.
1.162 If you are mentally/emotionally/physically suffering, it is only
because whatever have been your most sincere beliefs,
they have not been helpful to you; they have not promoted your well-being.
1.163 It is time to examine your MINDSET. Are you happy with it?
1.164 You can make choices, and as you make them,
1.164.1 you can call upon the Father to help you make the changes,
and the help will surely be given you,
1.164.2 – providing you do not doubt.
1.165 I therefore urge you to continue to read and absorb the following pages.
I want to impress on you the strength of your mindset – which is the sum
total of all your conscious and subconscious programming.
1.166 It is essential you should understand that none of this human mindset
has its origins in the spiritual dimension.
1.166.1 It is entirely earthly and probably filled with mythical ideas, prejudices,
misconceptions, resentments, buried memories of past hurts,
and habitual methods of dealing with the ups-and-downs of life.
1.166.2 Your human mindset (including any religious ideas or beliefs)
determines your world, your relationships, experiences, successes,
failures, happiness and misery.
1.166.3 It is even responsible for your sickness, disease and accidents.