CHRIST Returns The Jesus Illumination
Letter 1 rosepage 47
1.153.1 Had I not been taught that the only way I could ever prosper
was to abandon my self-will and turn to the FATHER\ for assistance
in everything I undertook? Then I remembered that creation had its own special purposes to fulfill. The individualizing process had created the pull and push,
the ‘give and take’ in human behavior. Although these human characteristics caused people great anguish
in their lives, was it not the anguish which forced them
to seek better ways to live in order to find true happiness? I realized that the ills of mankind had their place
in the human scheme of existence.
1.153.2 Was it right for me to bring privileged information to people
in order to nullify the effects of the individualizing process?
1.154 I realized I had been thinking from the ‘central point’ of my individuality,
the ego,
and it was the ego drive which built barriers between mankind
and Father_Creative Consciousness.

1.154.1 Therefore, my ‘Central point of human desiring’ would have
to be conquered if I was to live in perfect harmony
with my Father as was my sincere intention.
1.155 And so I continued on my way, pondering what might lie ahead
and how I might best overcome the impulses governing my humanhood
in order to remain in the Flow of Father_Consciousness
from which I would draw inspiration, guidance, answers to problems,
my daily nourishment, daily health, daily protection.

1.155.1 In fact, I realized that whilst I remained within this daily Flow
of Father_Consciousness, no harm could ever come near me
and my every need would be met. 1.156 And more importantly:
the Father_Consciousnes, working through me would do
whatever was required for people in dire need of healing and comfort.

1.157 At all times, I must overcome my rebelliousness against
the harsh realities of existence and listen to the inner voice
and conform to the Higher Will of the Father.
1.157.1 This Higher Will was Perfect Love directed entirely
at promoting my highest good.
1.157.2 It would be extremely foolish, I realized, to continue along the path
of self-will which had dictated my behavior to that time.